What Makes a Man Adore a Woman? 9 Key Traits

What makes a man adore a woman

What makes a man adore a woman? Here are 9 top traits that men look for in the girl of their dreams.

Commitment and vows are the bedrock of a healthy partnership. However, there is always something special that you adore in the person that matters to you the most. You fall in love with your lover because of the character traits that are either altogether absent in others or don’t play out the way you want. In a romantic relationship, these attributes are like a fire starter, and without them, no spark of passion can be born.

You might love each other’s personality, attitude, or behavior, depending on what you’re looking for in a perfect partner. It’s the nicest feeling in the world when your lover admires the same traits that make you happy.

The guys you find attractive are no different: each of them adores certain qualities in women, and if you happen to have them and show them they’ll walk a lot more than an extra mile for you. Here are some key qualities that your prince charming might look for in his dream lady.



A smile is likely to be the first thing a man notices in a woman. It’s her smile, especially if her eyes are beaming, that makes her likable. A good smile captivates him more than anything else about a woman’s body language.

Your smile should convey a sense of warmth and happiness. Most people rarely smile, so if you do you’ll win a few bonus points without doing anything else. It’s well-known that a smiling person is perceived as more beautiful and open to others regardless of gender, but since beauty is something that’s more often associated with women rather than men, it’s women who win from smiling the most.

Kindness & Generosity

Kindness and generosity are thought to be the building blocks of long-lasting partnerships. The reason why it’s key is that displaying compassion in your actions and reactions portrays you as more emotionally stable, and such people create a unique air around them that makes others feel at ease. Remember: intimacy and trust are essential to happy relationships, and kindness is a great way to foster these qualities.

Good Listener

Most men prefer a woman who tries to pay attention to what they have to say. If he thinks of dating you, he wants to know that you’re ready to hear him out and, ideally, participate in the conversation as an active listener. There will be times when the only thing on his mind will be telling you about the terrible day he’s had.

Remember that the strong man persona is a false image invented and promoted by advertisers to sell products. Despite his tough exterior, he is a lonely human in need of someone to share his experiences with. And if you are there to listen to him when he needs it, you’ll get an edge that will be extremely hard to match.

Fun Personality


A humorous individual is adored by everybody. I’m going to guess that you yourself are hoping for a hilarious lover, but you shouldn’t always rely on him to make you laugh.

If your jokes have been met with awkward silence in the past, consider honing your sense of humor and making the effort to be amusing. Men like that a lot. In fact, most women who are capable of being fun think too highly of themselves to actually be fun, thus stealing both from themselves and those who spend time with them, but you can do a lot better than that. Girls that can have fun with men and take a good joke are worth their weight in gold (and then some). To have a good time together, you must laugh at yourself as well as at each other.

Making your man feel at ease and peaceful around you is absolutely crucial. Spending time with someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously may be a great stress reliever. And if you’re worried that you’re basically boring, don’t be: very few people are actually beyond help in that respect, and most of the time all it takes to be genuinely funny is letting go of our self-importance. Try it, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


The days of people deeming bookworms unattractive are long gone. Intelligence is the new sexy and modern men totally adore intelligence in women.

In today’s world, it’s all about portraying oneself as the ultimate package: beauty, money, success, wits. And, even though it may sound surprising to someone who’s never been rich, the wits are actually the hardest thing to get. So, if you already have that, congrats: the rest will come more or less naturally unless you erase a good pile of your winnings with a single really stupid move. And if cleverness has never been your forte, well, don’t worry: there are plenty of men who’ll like you still.

No Makeup

What makes a man adore a woman if not her natural beauty? There is nothing wrong with women wearing makeup if that’s what they enjoy doing, but it isn’t always a turnon for men. In some cases, going natural might give the impression that you are more confident in your own skin.

Men get the sense that you’re laid-back and aren’t trying too hard to be someone you’re not, which sturs their interest. Men are also impatient and would rather not wait while their significant others spend an excessive amount of time putting on make-up. Not that they’ll necessarily think that one the very first date… but then again, you never know, right?


In the same way that women desire a guy who is masculine, a man craves a woman who is feminine (what a surprise!). In today’s screwed world, it might be difficult to define femininity. Femininity is sometimes misunderstood as being weak, and that’s not even remotely close to the truth.

A truly feminine lady is someone who is confident, powerful, gorgeous, and sensual all at the same time. Being feminine is also about turning your sensitive and loving side to others around you. There are various ways to express ourselves, but one of the most important is to show that we are kind and compassionate, which happens to go hand-in-hand with femininity.

In order to be feminine, you must recognize and embrace your sexuality. Every man aspires to be in a relationship with a woman who exudes a strong sense of femininity. Guys swoon when a woman with strong femininity enters into a room, so if you are her there’ll be a lot more good options to choose from when it comes to that.



In the eyes of many men, a woman who is interested in and open to new ideas and experiences (including those in bed) is the ideal partner. An unwillingness to try new things or see the world from a fresh perspective might create an invisible wall separating you from an otherwise good match. Usually, such stiffness comes from a lack of self-confidence, and curiously, it is through experiencing something new that our self-confidence grows (because subconsciously we begin to respect ourselves more for having tried what was outside our comfort zone). So, if your new boyfriend loves things that scare the living daylights out of you despite being perfectly fine (skydiving is an example that comes to mind first), here’s your opportunity to get your feet wet and take another step toward becoming the kind of woman men adore.


Men secretly admire women who can take charge of their life. Confident women are the ones who grab the attention of their partners and don’t let it go. If you are anything like that, your potential future husband will be delighted to meet you and will not want to trade your company for somebody else’s. For him, your audacity and daring will be awe-inspiring. Wait for him to tell you how much he admires your individuality (he surely will, because that’s a pretty rare commodity): that’s a great sign that he is starting to fall in love with you.

What makes a man adore a woman? Conclusion

These are the top traits that most guys look for in a woman. Every woman discovers and develops her own unique set of attributes that allow her to have a better life. Don’t be afraid of losing your boyfriend if you possess at least some of these amazing qualities: even if your relationship is doomed to fail, you’ll be able to find someone a lot better and more suitable for yourself. And the more of these qualities you have, the higher your value at the proverbial marriage market, so don’t stop halfway and try to score all nine of these qualities and become the kind of woman men write novels about.

What Makes a Man Adore a Woman? 9 Key Traits

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