Wedding Makeup Checklist & Tips

Wedding Makeup Tips

Wedding makeup doesn’t have to turn into a daunting task, it can be simple yet elegant. Wedding makeup should highlight your dress and hair by creating balance and harmony between the two. In short, wedding makeup should help you achieve a look that gives you a boost of confidence each time you look at yourself in a mirror. And the best way to achieve it is by keeping things simple and allowing your natural beauty to shine throughout the ceremony.

Popular trends in wedding makeup

You know what they say, “beauty is pain.” That’s why The Love Consultants are here to help you look perfect on your big day. We’ve done some research online and came up with the following popular trends in wedding makeup.

What is your favorite look for wedding makeup?

  • Nude, glowing skin with a hint of shimmer
  • Bold red lips with light eyeshadow and blush
  • Smokey eye in neutral tones

What’s the one thing you want in your wedding makeup?

  • I want to look like a princess (a radiant glow and classic eye)
  • I need something that won’t smudge or smear all over my face (long-wearing, waterproof)
  • Something natural but not too boring (mattifying, natural finish)

What type of makeup do you prefer for your wedding day?

  • Theatrical and dramatic
  • Subtle, barely-there
  • Red lips, bold brows + light, and natural foundation

Given these trends, here are some tips to get your wedding makeup right.

Wedding makeup tips

For the eyes, set out on achieving light shadow and blending it well on upper eyelids using an eye shadow brush or fingertip. It’ll give you an extra glow without looking too bold as this might take away from dress, hairstyle, or even bouquet at ceremony time. If you’re comfortable wearing bright colors on your eyes, use their more neutral shades: it should be enough for highlighting your eyes against the wedding dress.

For wedding makeup, sheer lips are still trendy today. You have countless options as far as wedding lipstick shades go, especially if your wedding day isn’t in the winter season when light pinks and nudes look best.

If your wedding takes place in summer or autumn, you can make a statement by wearing bolder lip colors. Use a balmy-tinted lip gloss or pure red lipstick shade to create rich contrast if your skin tone and the dress are both on the pale side. Avoid overdoing it with red- and even rose-colored lipstick because this might turn out slutty in the photos.

If you want wedding makeup with bold lips, that should be fine, but you probably want to use matte shades rather than glossy ones.

Looking for a drop of drama in your wedding makeup? How about apple-green eye shadows for contrast against a pale skin tone? For a sexy yet sophisticated look, consider burgundy or navy blue eye shadows mixed with glowy powders for stunning glimmering eyes. Just make sure you don’t overdo it: if your wedding has a decent number of guests, chances are, there will be a least some gossiping chatterboxes among them who’ll try to present your boldness and strong character as sluttiness and lack of taste.

Wedding makeup artists

If you’re looking for the best makeup to make your wedding day perfect but you aren’t sure you can pull it off yourself, you may want to consider hiring a makeup artist. These professionals will help put together a flawless face that will melt into your photos and last throughout all those long hours on your big day! Check out the link below for a list of makeup artists in your area (it’s a Google-powered search) and contact them today to schedule an appointment.

A wedding makeup artist must be able to listen exactly to what you want and customize his or her work accordingly. Your wedding makeup artist should have their own wedding kit with all the necessary items including eye shadows, lips sticks, colorless ornaments, etc. Here are some tips on how to choose the right makeup artist.

  • Do your research online
  • Ask your photographer for recommendations
  • Look at photos of the makeup artist’s work online to get an idea of their style

Beware of “specialists” who don’t differentiate between various skin types or can only do a single makeup style and will try to make you believe you’ll look great in it, too. Remember: if your makeup ruins your wedding, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself, so make sure you’re on board with the idea a makeup artist is proposing.

Wedding hair and makeup costs

When decorations can cost thousands of dollars, wedding hair and makeup are often considered the more budget-friendly elements. And yet neither is cheap. The average wedding hairstylist charges between $400 – $600 (hairstyles like braids, buns, and twisted updos), and the average wedding makeup artist charges between $300 – $500, so you are easily looking at a good $1,000 between the two.

Luckily, there are budget options available for both wedding hair and makeup work. Here is what some ex-brides say about it:

“I Can’t Believe How Cheap Wedding Hair And Makeup Is! I was looking to save money on wedding day hair and makeup by doing it myself when I ran across this site. They have wedding hair and wedding makeup tutorials for free!”

While free stuff sometimes comes in handy, you probably want to make sure you look your best on your wedding day, so try to strike a balance between saving money and letting your beauty shine.

Don’t be shy and tell us how you like this wedding makeup tutorial. We’d love to hear your wishes, desires, or suggestions!

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Wedding Makeup Checklist & Tips

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