My Girlfriend Said No When I Proposed: What Next?

Are you wondering why your girlfriend said no when you proposed? Being with one person who ticks all your boxes and puts a smile on your face is very fascinating. This can lead to a decision to spend forever with her and make a proposal. Now, you proposed; sadly, your girlfriend said no. If you’re […]

Breathwork Bournemouth: Meditation Breathing In Dorset

Breathwork practices in Bournemouth is becoming more easily accessible as the popularity of this form of meditation increases. You’re able to complete breathing exercises with practitioners in areas all over Bournemouth, such as Ferndown, Canford Cliffs, Ringwood and Poole. Once you incorporate breathwork into your daily or weekly schedule, you’ll start to notice changes in […]

How Do I Be Smooth Around Women: 007 Cool

Have you ever wondered how some men appear effortlessly smooth around women? They ooze smooth. It seems to come so naturally to them that it can make the rest of us feel envious. However, it may surprise you to learn that being smooth when in the company of the fairer sex is not necessarily an […]

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