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Why Do Girls Like Guys Who Treat Them Badly: The Psychology

If you’re interested in a woman, there are certain characteristics that will either work in your favour or be a detriment when you try to improve the attraction. When you’re considered to be ‘too nice’ you might find it difficult to keep a connection. This type of behaviour might cause you to question why do […]

Can A Guy Have Feelings For Two Girls At The Same Time?

Humans naturally connect with more than one person. If you think about family, friends and relationships, we form multiple different attachments with individuals. With this in mind, can a guy have feelings for two girls at the same time? It’s imperious that you don’t mistake attraction, lust or a crush for being in love with […]

Is It Harder To Get A Girlfriend If You’re Short? Is Taller Better

Are you ready to meet your next partner but feel your height is stifling you when it comes to dating? Do you think that because you’re not tall, it is going to be harder for you to get a girlfriend if you’re short? Society may cause you to believe that in order to be classed […]

Do Girls Find It Easy To Reject A Guy: Does It Effect Her

Having to say no to someone, especially for a woman will never be smooth sailing. Guilt may kick in, and the mirror neurons in the brain will cause her to take into account how the person on the receiving end will feel. With this in mind, we can simply answer do girls find it easy […]

Should I Bring My Date A Gift: When Is A Present Okay?

Preparing for the first date can leave you wondering whether or not you should bring your date a gift. Of course, we want our companion to like us, however, using a present as a way to gain their approval is not the best method, and can ultimately have a reverse effect. If gift giving is part […]

How To Know If He Is Toxic: 10 Red Flags To Know

When we first start dating someone, it can be difficult to notice what their toxic traits are. We forget that we should be on high alert for any signs that will determine whether he has unhealthy behaviour. Even though your judgement may be obscure, it’s of the essence that you understand how to know if […]

How To Know If She Is Toxic: 10 Red Flags To Look Out For

Did you know, there’s an acronym that’s used to help interpret whether someone is toxic or not? This is known as S.I.G.N and stands for; ‘shame, insult, guilt and never in the wrong.’ With the understanding of these four traits and others, you’ll be able to characterize and grasp how to know if she is toxic […]

Why Do Guys Go Hot And Cold: What Does This Behaviour Mean

The emotional rollercoaster that we go through when someone gives us all of their attention and then shuts us out will leave us questioning our own self-worth, and question; why do guys go hot and cold? When you experience this type of behaviour from someone you’re seeing, it could be due to a number of […]

Why Does My Girlfriend Hate The Way She Looks: The Reasons

A woman who has low self-esteem will continuously compare herself to others, and obsess over the flaws that she sees when she looks in the mirror. Have you noticed your partner’s fixation on certain physical attributes that she wants to change about herself? Does this make you question why does your girlfriend hate the way […]

Should I Get Back With My Ex Who Dumped Me: Back Together

The feeling of despair and anguish after a break-up is enough to catapult ourselves back into the arms of the person who broke up with us without a moment of rational thinking. Whether it ended on good terms or not, should you get back with your ex who dumped you? Before you think about rekindling […]

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