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Can Introverted Men Meet Women: How To Be Confident Dating

If you’re an introvert, you’ll know how forming connections with other people can sometimes be daunting and seemingly impossible. So, how can introverted men meet women if the mere thought of approaching a girl in public gives them heart palpitations? Guys who are introverts tend to think that they have to be an extrovert in […]

Why Does My Boyfriend Do Everything For Me: What This Means

When you first met your boyfriend, was he social with friends and made time for his interests and hobbies? Now, however, do you find that he plans his schedule around yours, and is always available when you want or need him? If you’re wondering why does your boyfriend do everything for you, the reasons can […]

Is It Ok For My Boyfriend To Like Pictures Of Females: Y/N

Are you and your boyfriend both active on social media like Instagram? Media accounts have been known to be a detriment to relationships, if treated unfairly. If you’re starting to question your partner’s activity online, you’re probably thinking is it okay for your boyfriend to like pictures of females. Before you decide if your boyfriend’s […]

Why Does My Girlfriend Always Ask If I’m Mad At Her: Reasons

If your girlfriend requires constant reassurance from you, she may be insecure in your relationship. She could also be unsettled if you’ve started to withhold your emotions from her, which is why your girlfriend will always ask if you’re mad at her. Another factor that can come into play with this binary question, is if […]

Why Does My Boyfriend Treat Me Like A Trophy: Explained Here

Are you constantly being showered with gifts, or do you only ever meet up with your significant other in public settings, with hardly any alone time? If this sounds very similar to your current relationship, you may be sitting on the fence with the question; why does my boyfriend treat me like a trophy. The […]

Is It Too Soon To Propose After 6 Months: Should You Wait Longer?

There’s no set time frame that couples need to adhere to before they can get engaged. As long as you know everything about your significant other, nothing can stop you from popping the question. However, is it too soon to propose after 6 months? Of course, six months for one relationship will look very different […]

Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Post Me On Social Media: Reasons

Have you been with your partner for a while, and you’re now starting to wonder why your boyfriend doesn’t post you on social media? It’s important to take into account whether or not your partner is an active social media user. If he’s never seen the importance of uploading pictures on Instagram, he’s probably not […]

Here’s When To Delete A Dating App After Meeting Someone

Knowing when to delete a dating app after meeting someone will depend on a few different factors. First and foremost, are you and your date exclusive with each other? It’s never great to assume exclusivity in a relationship. Depending on how long you’ve been seeing your significant other, you may want to establish if your […]

When To Let Go Of A Long-Distance Relationship: The Signs

Whether your partner is miles away from you, or just around the corner, a healthy relationship requires communication, trust, understanding and patience to name just a few. When these traits start to go amiss, it could be time to let go of your long-distance relationship. An LDR requires effort from both partners. You won’t have […]

Is It Okay To Date Multiple Ladies: Exclusivity Explained

In the world of dating, people are actively meeting other individuals to find someone they have a deep connection with. We need to take the time to get to know them, but is it okay to date multiple ladies during this process? Some people cannot bring themselves to date more than one person at a […]

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