My Boyfriend Never Gets Jealous: Should I Be Concerned

If your boyfriend never gets jealous, do you question whether or not he actually loves you? In modern society, jealousy has become a representation of how someone feels about us. We believe that if our partner doesn’t get jealous, they don’t care.

This is a false rendition, especially in romantic relationships. To feel jealous is a normal emotion, like anger and joy, and should be dealt with in the same way. If your significant other is hardly ever jealous, this is a positive sign that he’s confident and secure in the relationship.

In this article, we’ll expand on the reasons behind why your boyfriend never gets jealous. We’ll delve into whether or not this is normal behaviour in a relationship, and how you can deal with jealousy in a partner.

Is it bad if my boyfriend never gets jealous?

My boyfriend never gets jealous
My boyfriend never gets jealous

If your boyfriend does not get jealous, you shouldn’t be concerned about whether or not he loves you. In society, people equate jealousy with caring, especially in romantic relationships. However, this is an incorrect depiction of healthy emotional reactions in a partnership.

When someone experiences jealousy, the area of the brain that correlates to pair bonding and social pain will encounter heightened activity. This will cause the body to release stress hormones and initiate the flight or fight reaction.

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Once this occurs, a person will feel as though their relationship is under threat, which is why they may act out, or initiate an argument if they feel apprehensive about what your motives may be.

It’s not bad if your boyfriend never gets jealous. It’s a sign that he could be extremely reassured in your relationship. It can also signify that he’s not insecure, or lacks confidence. Majority of the time, if a partner becomes jealous, it’s because he or she doesn’t trust you with other individuals.

Is it normal that my boyfriend doesn’t get jealous

My boyfriend never gets jealous
My boyfriend never gets jealous

It’s perfectly normal for your boyfriend to not be jealous. This is a positive sign that your partner is self-aware, and able to withhold autonomy in a relationship, without becoming insecure. Jealousy is a natural, human emotion, however, not everyone will experience the reaction in a romantic relationship.

In Psychology Today, they explain that individuals with a more obsessive or paranoid personality will be more prone to feel jealous when it comes to their romantic partner. Feeling uncertain is one of the main instigators for someone to become doubtful. A person who is codependent, might also be more prone to jealousy in a romantic relationship.

If your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous, it can signify that he is confident in your relationship, and doesn’t second-guess his own value. This will solidify that he doesn’t doubt your loyalty.

Jealousy has also been noted by professionals as an emotion that will occur as a signal for when a relationship of value is under threat. Because your boyfriend may feel secure with you, and not feel the need to question your loyalty, it will be normal for him to not get jealous.

In a study done for developmental psychology, research found that women experience jealousy more so than men. This is because women have a higher expectation for empathy and loyalty from friends and romantic partners.

Does being jealous mean you don’t trust?

My boyfriend never gets jealous
My boyfriend never gets jealous

Lack of trust is one of the main incentives for a person to feel jealous over a romantic partner. It can signify that your boyfriend could be insecure, and may feel that someone or something can jeopardize the relationship.

If your boyfriend is frequent with his questions about your actions, this is a sign that he may not trust you, or have the confidence to be autonomous in the relationship.

This could stem from past trauma in a relationship, or, from a lack of care during childhood. This can cause a person to become possessive over someone they dote on. Which, would be fueled by the fear of loss over someone of value.

Being jealous in a romantic relationship is a further indicator that your boyfriend might have his own personal issues that he needs to work on. This could range from a low self-esteem to fear of abandonment.

The emotional center in our brain, that causes a person to feel jealous, is wired away from the part of our brain that controls our reason receptors. This is why we can be jealous over things that you cannot justify when you put logic into it. So, at times, you boyfriend could trust you, but his emotions have overridden his reasoning.

How to deal with feeling jealous in a relationship

My boyfriend never gets jealous
My boyfriend never gets jealous

Jealousy in a natural human emotion. Before you disregard the feeling, you should accept it and try to understand why you feel jealous. Once you can determine why you react with jealousy, you can make the necessary healthy changes to move forward in a positive way, especially in a relationship. 

To be jealous has been deemed as diabolic trait because it’s portrayed as a detrimental emotion. However, it’s perfectly normal to experience jealousy.

If your boyfriend is jealous, it’s important that you both make a conscious effort to communicate, and respect each other’s feelings. Once you understand why your boyfriend feels jealous, you can support him whether it’s insecurities, or fear.

It will also be a good idea to self reflect. Is your behaviour perhaps a concern for your partner? You could be unaware of your actions. Once you take the time to be introspective, you might find you have come across as ‘too friendly’ to someone that has caused your boyfriend to feel uncomfortable.

When jealousy becomes a constant emotion within a relationship, this could outline that partners are drifting apart, or, a couple value each other so much that they’re afraid of losing one another.

Daniel Freeman, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oxford explains that when jealousy is not dealt with in a relationship, it can become extremely toxic. A person can become anxious about betrayal, which can cause them to act out with irrational behaviour.

Being autonomous in a relationship is important. It can help eradicate feeling jealous over your partner, specifically if it’s because they’re being social, and you aren’t. Motivate your boyfriend to spend time with his own friends, and to focus on his own goals and hobbies.


Is getting jealous easily a Red flag?

Jealousy in the early stages of dating is a Red flag. It’s a warning sign there could be control issues further along in the relationship. Getting jealous easily can depict that your partner is insecure, possessive or controlling. However, how a couple deals with jealousy will determine how successful the relationship will be.

Does jealousy increase love?

An article posted by Psychology Today advises that jealousy in a romantic relationship can represent being intensely in love with your significant other. Studies done have also proven that jealousy can improve emotional commitment and investment between couples. Of course, an unhealthy amount of jealousy can be detrimental if it’s not dealt with.


If your boyfriend never gets jealous, it’s vital that you remind yourself jealousy does not determine whether or not someone cares for you. Jealousy is a natural emotional response in humans, however, not everyone will experience it in a romantic relationship.

Jealousy can stem from a low self-esteem, lack of confidence or distrust. A bad experience in a previous relationship could also be a reason why a person becomes jealous with their current partner. As your boyfriend never gets jealous, this is a positive sign that he has self-assurance, and doesn’t doubt your loyalty.

Instead of questioning why your significant other is not jealous, you might want to look inward, and try to understand why you feel uncertain about your boyfriend not becoming jealous over you.

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My Boyfriend Never Gets Jealous: Should I Be Concerned

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