Why My Girlfriend Keeps Talking About Her Ex: Explained

My girlfriend always talks about her ex | Copyright: Pixabay

In this article we will be discussing the truths around why your girlfriend keeps talking about her ex and what to do in this situation. Romantic relationships can often have a hold over people, for both negative and positive reasons.

Experiencing something traumatic can create issues in future relationships but having a perfect relationship can do the exact same. Relationships can be extremely important to people’s lives; some can’t live without them, and some absolutely hate them, but everyone has experienced at least one.

Talking about an ex is often a red flag but there are a huge number of reasons why someone could be doing this. This article will also highlight the importance of being understanding and a good listener for your partner.

What does it mean when your girlfriend keeps talking about her ex?

What does it mean if my girlfriend always talks about her ex?
What does it mean if my girlfriend always talks about her ex? | copyright: Pixabay

It is an unfortunate and sort of obnoxious topic to constantly bring up but there could be a myriad of reasons for this, she could be letting you know she is experienced in love and wants you to take the relationship more seriously, she could be feeling insecure and anxious, she could be letting you know what she does or does not want from you as her partner or she could still hold some feelings for her ex. But overall, it isn’t great when your girlfriend keeps talking about her ex.

However, the best way to deal with this issue is to be open and honest, start a conversation about how often she speaks of her ex to understand her side of the story and why she does it. If you listen to her, she will listen to you, approaching the topic with empathy and making it clear you want to know about her past will improve the relationship and decrease how often her ex is brought up.

How do you tell if she’s not over her ex?  

Regularly checking for notifications can be a sign that she is not over her ex | copyright: Pixabay
Regularly checking for notifications can be a sign that she is not over her ex |

Being in a relationship with someone who consistently talks about their ex can be confusing, difficult, and heart-breaking. It instantly makes you feel as though something isn’t right and to help you find clarity on the matter. Here are six signs she is not over her ex:

  1. She obsessively checks her notifications – she is searching for that one sign that he may still be around as she continuously checks her social media in hopes of that name popping up.
  2. Frequent mentions of the ex – she somehow includes her ex in most conversations the two of you share, it seems casual, but it is key sign that he remains in her mind whereby it is affecting her interactions whether she realises this or not.
  3. Comparisons between you and the ex-occur – comparisons can be positive or negative but regardless, this is not healthy in any relationship.
  4. She still is in contact with her ex – some exes are able to remain friends after ending but the reality is that they are either still in love or they never were… Unless of course there are other circumstances to consider such as children being involved.
  5. She doesn’t commit to you – you are thinking about next steps in the relationship, wanting commitment but she sways and tries to avoid the topic.
  6. She keeps in touch with her ex’s friends and family – this can be a way of having some sort of access to the ex’s life, keeping track at a distance, and constantly dabbling on the idea of rekindling the romance that was once there.

How long does it take for a girl to forget her ex?  

It can take up to six weeks for people to start adjusting to a breakup | copyright: Pixabay
It can take up to six weeks for people to start adjusting to a breakup | copyright: Pixabay

Heartbreaks suck but after six weeks most people begin to adjust to life without their ex and research has shown that you can get over someone in three to six months. However, the reality is, there is no timeline for how long it takes to stop feeling hurt over the end of a relationship.

There can be a variety of reasons why someone can’t get over an ex, or why they got over their ex so quickly. This can depend on how intense the relationship was, how much time was invested into each other and how heartbroken you are once the relationship came to an end, but it is never okay for either partner to constantly talk about their ex, this is a huge indicator the ex continues to live in the back of the mind. 

Is it okay to talk to an ex while in a relationship?

It is never okay to communicate with an ex during a relationship | copyright: Pixabay
It is never okay to communicate with an ex during a relationship | copyright: Pixabay

It is important to minimize as much contact with your ex as you can as talking to them whilst in a relationship can cause complications going forward. It’s okay to have them on your social media but you shouldn’t interact with them If you do, it shows that there is still some level of interest and letting go of the past should come easy when meeting someone else.

The past experiences held between you and your ex will remain with you throughout life, so if you are still speaking to an ex whilst in a relationship, things will become a whole lot more difficult. There is no need to hang on to the past and doing so by talking to an ex or continuously bringing an ex up will only lead to hurting your new partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can you love your ex forever?

 It is normal to have feelings for ex after a breakup due to the intimate moments, experiences and memories shared.

If it is true love sometimes the love can stay with you, even moving on but over time love can fade especially if there is someone knew in your love life.

Is it OK for my GF to have guy friends?

It is completely acceptable for your girlfriends to have friendships with other guys, it is natural to feel somewhat insecure, but friends shouldn’t become a problem as she will be always going back to you.

Girls like to be involved with a guy that is relaxed about her having male friends because in her mind he will know how much she truly cares about him.


If you have ever sat there and thought ‘My girlfriend keeps talking about her ex’ there could be a resolution to this and understandingly it can be frustrating and somewhat offensive but there is always a reason why people talk about the things they do or act in the way they do.

The best way to approach this situation is in a calm and sensitive manner that will allow your girlfriend to express the reasons behind discussing her past so often but also give you the chance to show your thoughts and feelings on the matter. Doing so will most likely improve the relationship but in the worst case often it can cause distance and drifting between the two of you.

Why My Girlfriend Keeps Talking About Her Ex: Explained

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