My Girlfriend Always Takes Pictures Of Herself: Is This Ok?

Selfies can have a negative affect on relationships | Copyright: Pixabay

Does your girlfriend always take pictures of herself? Are you concerned about why she does this or does it make you happy seeing her show the world her confidence? Some people may care, some may not but the most important thing is does it affect your relationship?

The term is called ‘selfie’, a self-portrait photograph that is often published on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There can be a variety of reasons as to why someone takes so many selfies such as insecurities, lack of self-esteem, addiction, feeling as though they need validation, confidence, or they absolutely adore social media.

If you feel as though your girlfriends focus has shifted drastically there may be some unresolved issues that needs to be discussed. This article is going to help you understand why your girlfriend may be taking pictures of herself and what this means for the relationship.

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Why does my girlfriend always take pictures of herself?

Woman taking selfie | copyright: Pixabay
Woman taking selfie | copyright: Pixabay

Women are found to post more selfies than men in general, but most of the post are due to low self-esteem and appearance issues. They often post selfies to receive validation from friends and peers to make their self-worth increase.

However, people who excessively take selfies are seeking outside validation, attention, and support away from their relationship, this can cause the partner to feel threatened or insecure about why their girlfriend – or boyfriend – feels the need to post an extensive number of photos of themselves for others to view.

Is it ok for your girlfriend to post selfies?

My girlfriend always takes pictures of herself | Copyright: Pixabay
My girlfriend always takes pictures of herself | Copyright: Pixabay

Some may argue that girlfriends taking and posting selfies can be a feminist act of smashing patriarchal beauty standards, showing their confidence and self-love but other argue that is evidence for narcissistic traits or self-centeredness.

It has been found that jealousy levels increased in romantic relationships when there was an increase in selfie posting. Feeling jealous over this is typically a sign of insecurity, someone who is secure and confident in a relationship should be loving that their partner feels happy enough to show themselves off to the world.

However, in new research it has been found that posting many selfies can start the death for some romantic relationships, it can bring negativity and create stress, jealousy and resentment to the partner and social media. But only you, in the relationship can control whether you allow the negatives power over the positives of the relationship.

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Do girls post more on Instagram than boys?

Women use social media networks more than men | Copyright: Pixabay
Women use social media networks more than men | Copyright: Pixabay

76% of women use social media sites, beating men at 72%. Women are biologically wired for social networking, they are more vocal, expressive, and open to share personal information.

Whereas men are more prone to use social media merely for business reasons gathering information, they may need to build influence, research, and gather contacts to increase their status.

It was found that 58% of users on Instagram are female while 42% were male so if you are in a relationship and have begun worrying about how often your girlfriend posts, it is completely normal for her to do so! For millions of women across the world this is an automatic daily activity.

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What do you call someone who constantly takes pictures of themselves?

A selfitis is someone addicted to taking selfies | Copyright: Pixabay
A selfitis is someone addicted to taking selfies | Copyright: Pixabay

 There has been a new term given to those who take too many selfies – “selfitis.” As funny as the term sounds, it is used to describe the cultural habit of taking an overabundance of selfie photos and posting them across social media sites. A study noted that those who fall under the term “Selfitis” are considered to have links to narcissism and holds a lack of consideration for other people.

Behavior scientists have started to feel that extreme selfie posting is now a concerning trend as it can become addictive. A selfie addiction is when someone is obsessively taking selfies multiple times throughout the day and posting it to which ever social site they enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if you’re dating an obsessed selfie-taker?

You need to consider how much the habit bothers you, impacts the relationship and how invested you are in the relationship.

You may want to talk about their selfie addiction to help them and the relationship but of course, if you no longer have the energy or capacity to continue a relationship with someone who focuses purely on their phone then it might be time for the end.

Should I post pictures of my girlfriend?

 Posting about your significant other can have a positive effect on your relationship, it confirms the relationship status online and posting a photo together counter-acts the negative effects of online disclosure as intimacy and satisfaction feelings increase.

The partner is likely to view the significant others post as caring, inclusive, and open as it validates the relationship even more. Sometimes, partners can feel as though you’re hiding them or embarrassed of them if nothing is ever shared about the relationship or the partner.

Do happy couples post on social media?

Couples that are in happy, stable relationships post less on social media as their focus is on each other and ensuring the relationship is heading in the right direction.

They don’t feel as though they need to constantly show the relationship as they aren’t searching for validation from others and show their love in private and more intimate ways.


It is clear that women use social media much more than men so there will always be that level of difficulty in understanding why the girlfriends posts so much and what they do this for.

Although, to some having a selfie-obsessed girlfriend may be a massive issue it is extremely important to understand the hidden meaning behind the excessive posting. As we have said it is often a validation problem and self-esteem booster, could this be a cry out for help also?

Be mindful of the fact that she could be struggling mentally with her appearance and needs your love, care, and support.

My Girlfriend Always Takes Pictures Of Herself: Is This Ok?

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