As seen on Wendy  Williams, Tyra Banks, the CBS Early Show and the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.  Even stars like Carrie Underwood (OK! Magazine) have been “date coached” by Matt Titus. This is an exclusive program that teaches you to how to understand men and find the one who is best for you.

Our Love Consultant Expert Dating Coach Services Will Enable You To:

Whether you want to get her to notice your online dating profile or in line at the supermarket, I can help you.
Through an individualized program tailored to your needs, I will help you develop flirting and dating techniques that will attract any woman you have your eye on and keep her interested in you.  Don’t sit back and envy that guy who seems to get all the girls’ attention. That guy can be YOU!
Your custom-designed coaching program will teach you:

  • How to approach women during the day and at night time venues
  • How to create an online profile that the RIGHT WOMEN will respond to
  • How to keep the conversation going in an engaging and interesting way
  • How to spark attraction and rapport in a matter of seconds
  • How to dress and groom to attract women in any setting
  • How to communicate physically and verbally in a way that is comfortable and natural
  • How to get her phone number and what to say or text and when to call or text
  • How to set up a successful first date
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about women: attracting and dating the women YOU want      

Available in person, phone or via Skype, Matt Titus will help you achieve your dating and relationship goals.

Matt Titus is a nationally recognized dating and relationship coach, matchmaker and lifestyle expert who works with singles to help them find true love, and he works with couples to help them keep the passion alive.  What sets Matt apart is the fact he delivers relationship advice from the perspective of a man who played the field, learned from his mistakes and was given a second chance at love.  Matt is the author of Why Hasn't He Called? How Guys Really Think And How To Get The Right One Interested In You and Why Hasn’t He Proposed? Go From The First Date To Setting The Date.  Matt has been seen on the Wendy Williams Show, The Nate Berkus Show, The CBS Early Show, The Today Show,  The Martha Stewart Show, CNN, Fox’s The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet, E! and The Style Network. Matt is a regular contributor to OK! Magazine and The Huffington Post and has been featured in Elle, Men’s Health, Time Out and Life & Style as the publication’s “Love Doctor.”

Perfect Online Dating Profile Creation/Evaluation:

With millions of singles online dating, how does your profile stand out?

If you need help creating a great profile, as Dating Coaches we can help create a profile that the RIGHT WOMEN or MEN will respond to.

The Perfect Online Dating Profile May Be Done: In Person, On Phone, Online

Need Instant Relationship Advice?

Do you suspect she is cheating? Is your girlfriend suddenly losing interest? Are you unsure of where you stand in the relationship? Is it time to move on? If you need an expert to help you make the final decision, our "Instant Advice" will help you when you are in an immediate love crisis.

Are you in a critical period of your relationship and you want to make all the right moves? The Love Consultants will act as your emergency love experts. Our motto is, “by any means necessary” to ensure you don’t make a “love misstep” when it really matters.

Instant Relationship Advice May Be Done: In Person, On Phone, Online


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