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Money Makeover Tip: Need Help Hiring An Accountant?

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By The Money Coach
March 07, 2011 @ 01:55 pm
The Money Coach, Marianna Olszewski says you must know what you are looking for with tax season just around the corner...

You flip open the yellow pages only to find a 20 pages of accountants listing one after the other. Now what? Instead of chosing a name at random, make sure you do your research.

• If you are not an accountant, don’t fool yourself, spend the money to hire someone who knows the in’s and out’s of the tax code and how it can benefit you.

•Accountants can save you money, are up on the new tax codes, can find loopholes that work for you

•Your confidence about money will increase when you respect money and yourself enough to hire someone who is the best and help you keep as much money as you can each year •Accountants can help you and educate you on tax planning and estate planning

•A good accountant will take the maximum tax deductions for your financial situation and give you advice for the years to come on what you can and cannot deduct and the reasons why

• A good accountant will have your taxes done for you on time and without penalties

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