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How To Choose Healthy Snack Foods

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By Becky Wenner
October 17, 2011 @ 01:25 pm
The key to eating well for a lifetime...

What snacking recommendations do you make to stick with the Clean Eating Principles?

Choosing healthy snack foods is just as important as choosing healthy meal options! However, since snacking is often a person’s time when they make poor food choices, this is a question I am faced with constantly. Snacking is super important as it prevents overindulging at meal times, maintains your energy levels throughout the day and can often provide important nutrients.

Be sure you PLAN and PREPARE your snacks ahead of time to ensure your snack is nutrient filled and low fat/calorie. This will also reduce any temptation you may encounter. Keep in mind meals and snacks should be enjoyable! So make sure you LIKE the food you select! If you force yourself to eat foods that you don’t enjoy just because you think they are healthy- your life change will never last! You must enjoy your journey….so don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

Here are some of my favorite snack foods:

Fresh Fruit: I try to select my fruit based on the season to get the freshest and best tasting variety!

Humus and fresh raw veggies: This is a great way to get fresh veggies in! Go for it! Just make sure you measure your hummus!

Air Popped Popcorn: I bought myself the Cusinart Pop Corn maker- it is awesome!

Low Fat Friendship Pineapple Cottage Cheese: I am super particular about my cottage cheese….I don’t like the curdy salty kinds….

Non Fat Organic / Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit

Handful of raw unsalted, unroasted trail mix


Peanut butter with celery or Apples

Protein shakes

You can check out my blog for more extensive readings on this topic:

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