Shansen Jewelry: It’s A Family Affair

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By Ask M&T Editor
April 11, 2012 @ 03:53 pm
Meet It GIrls and Founders: Tamsen Fadal and Shannon Elizabeth

When it comes to leaving no stone unturned, Tamsen Fadal and Shannon Elizabeth, are doing all they can. The two cousins who live on opposite coasts have combined their talents and come up with a jewelry line appropriately named: Shansen Jewelry. If you look closely you will see they have formed the perfect union with their names and their business partnership.   The line is an extension of who they are.  Combining healing gemstones, symbols and deep rooted meanings, Shansen Jewelry was organically born by the founders/designers Shannon Elizabeth and Tamsen Fadal.  The cousins have transformed their journeys into jewelry that encourages its wearers to find what inspires and supports them daily.

Being immersed in both television and film, both cousins always seemed to searching for the true meaning of happiness. Both spent years on separate soul-searching journeys, only to come together to realize their connection was not family alone, it was the search for meaning and truth in each of their lives.

Shansen Jewelry  is inspired by their encounters, their travels, the icons and gurus they have met along the way as well as their quest to find true peace. It consists of a collection of handmade bracelets and necklaces, and mix and match stackables that bring energy, inspiration and courage to the wearer.  Celebrities seen wearing Shansen include: Wendy Williams, Geena Davis, Andy Cohen, Mario Lopez,  J. Alexander, Nelsan Ellis, Derek Hough, Ali Landry and AnnaSophia Robb.

The collection is a combination of semi-precious gemstones and messages so that each person who possesses a piece of Shansen Jewelry will know the true meaning of the stones, the combination of the properties and the message Shannon and Tamsen are giving them on their daily journey. For more on Shansen Jewelry click here

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Shansen Jewelry: It’s A Family Affair

Meet It GIrls and Founders: Tamsen Fadal and Shannon Elizabeth

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