Pimp Your Bedroom

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By Sam Tortorici
April 07, 2008 @ 10:50 pm
Nothing flames the fires of romance like a luxurious bedroom. Here's how to design the ultimate getaway from the outside world.

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Whether you’re in a relationship or just casually dating, nothing turns up the heat on romance like a well-designed bedroom. Conversely, a messy or poorly-decorated bedroom can cool down a fling faster than an ice storm in February. So how do you keep things bangin’ and not blah in the budoir? Read these tips:

Keep it Neutral
Busy patterns and lively colors belong outside of the bedroom, or used judiciously as accents. Neutral colors and calm pastels foster a relaxing atmosphere that allows the room to assume an oasis-like quality. This is especially important in busy cities, where outside noise and chaos make it particularly important to create a meditative interior for spending quiet (or not-so-quiet) time with a loved one. 

Indulge Yourself
Your bedroom is not the place to pinch pennies. Suck it up and shell out the extra dough for high-thread count linens, luxurious furniture, and beautiful objects d’art. Think of the bedroom as the crown jewel of your home or apartment, a place that deserves even more attention than the other rooms—after all, you do spend half of your life sleeping! Plus, all of those amazing touch-me textures will stimulate your appetite for romance (not to mention that of your partner). 

Take a Side in the Great Television Debate
To TV or not to TV, that is the question. Some people love the idea of curling up with a made-for-TV movie on a cold day, while this Italian study suggests that couples who had a TV in their bedroom made whoopee a lot less often than those who didn’t. If you find that a TV helps you relax, or think it would be fun to watch a sexy movie in bed with your significant other, then go for it. Otherwise, unplug the darn thing (or hide it in a pretty armoir) and relocate it somewhere where it doesn’t interfere with your love life. 

Clean Up the Mess
No one is saying that you have to turn into a neat freak, but clutter doesn’t jive with the relaxing vibe that your bedroom needs. Make it easy to keep things relatively clean by including plenty of storage space in your closet, dressers, and under your bed. Spend a few minutes every day making your bed and keeping the floors stuff-free, and your bedroom will be ready for romance whenever the mood strikes. 

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