Matt Titus Talks the Tragedy of Teen Moms on Reality TV to

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By Ask M&T Editor
December 07, 2010 @ 06:06 pm
Our relationship master explains the latest example of the desperation for television fame...

Naught But Nice editor-in-chief and showbiz gadfly Rob Shuter is always on the pulse of what's hot in the world of entertainment news, and today he has turned his spotlight on a major hot button issue. Shuter revealed that "MTV is looking for a new crop of teenage girls to keep its monster hits 'Teen Mom' and '16 and Pregnant' up and running."

Our very own Matt Titus chatted with the writer and gave his very passionate view on the subject;

"The sad state of reality television has created a lowbrow vehicle for untainted train wreck personalities to display their private lives. Getting pregnant to be famous is like eating as many cockroaches as possible in a one minute period."

To read the entire Naught But Nice article over at click here!

MTV's thought-provoking docu-series, "Teen Mom" returned this summer as the four young mothers who captivated audiences in season one came back to share their stories as they entered a new chapter of motherhood. Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Farrah experienced all of the heartbreak, joy, and struggles that come with raising a child when you're still a child yourself. Millions of viewers were along for the ups and downs each girl faced as pregnant teens on "16 and Pregnant" and the first season of "Teen Mom."

"16 and Pregnant" follows teens for 5-7 months as they navigate the unfamiliar territory and uncertainty of being pregnant.

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