Excuse me, I’d like my Match ‘Stir’red not Shaken, please…

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By Ask M&T Editor
August 13, 2012 @ 08:34 am
Match.com is certainly ‘Stir’ring things up.

Match.com is certainly ‘Stir’ring things up.
On a hot, Friday summer night with the twinkling lights of the city as the perfect backdrop at The Terrace Club in the heart of Rockefeller Center, Match.com, together with Single Edition Media, invited bloggers to learn more about Stir – still a relatively new member-exclusive local events venture by the online dating powerhouse.

The whole idea of ‘Stir’: Bring online singles on Match.com out from behind computer screens and into face-to-face opportunities to mix, mingle and have a whole lot of fun at specialized events.
Scanning the crowd, there were some serious heavy-hitting singles, relationships and lifestyle bloggers present, several of whom were attending the annual BlogHer conference being held only blocks away.  I was the newbie in the crowd being introduced by Single Gal in the City.  (I was her wing-woman…I simply followed her lead.)
The vivacious Whitney Casey, Match.com’s Relationship Insider kicked things off.  After a few lighthearted and humorous remarks about building successful relationships, and the challenge of singles meeting other singles, she turned the evening over to Stir’s events director Navin.
Nuveen provided feedback on Stir’s efforts.  Although there had been a few bumps along the way — notably, the question about whether non-Match.com members should be allowed to attend events along with a Match.com subscribed member, so far, the overall feedback was positive.
There have been a number of successful Stir events in cities nationwide, something Match.com and Stir hope to capitalize on in the coming months.  Their goal:  Blow these events out to singles in over 60 cities while hosting about 200 interest-specific, age appropriate events per month.  Now, that’s good news for singles looking for Mr. or Ms. Right!
So, what are some of the events Stir will use to attract their members?
Cooking classes, wine tastings, dance classes, bowling parties, even pool parties — not as in water, but cue-ball-in-the-side-pocket-playing pool parties.
Match.com subscribers and those interested in joining Match.com can learn more about Stir Events by visiting the match-making website and selecting ‘Events’.
So, the next time you hear:
Excuse me, I’d like my Match ‘Stir’red not Shaken, please…
You’ll know it’s not Mr. Bond at work, but Match.com (and Whitney and Nuveen, of course).



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Excuse me, I’d like my Match ‘Stir’red not Shaken, please…

Match.com is certainly ‘Stir’ring things up.

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