5 Signs He Wants You Bad!

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By Matt Titus
March 02, 2011 @ 10:34 am
Is he really hot for you?

When a guy is REALLY hot for you, he can't help but show it!

Matt Titus breaks open the lock on the ‘Secrets of the Boys Club” to reveal what he's thinking...

Here are 5 tell tale signs that he really wants you bad:

1. He is a man of his word, he calls when he says he is going to call, he shows up when he says he is going to show up.

2. It is important to him that you think he is the best in every relationship department. He really tries to be the most exciting, the best in bed, and the funniest of all of your boyfriends.

3. He is jealous in a healthy way. He tries to find out where you’re going because “he wants to make sure it’s safe.” He wants you to call him when you get home so “he knows your okay.”

4. He will do anything for you. He will go to your second cousin's Little Miss Sunshine 3 hour beauty pageant just to be with you.

5. He isn’t afraid to let people know he is crazy about you.


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