Is He Still Interested in Me?

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May 19, 2011 @ 09:50 am

Question: I asked a guy (who had acted like he was really into me) to my company’s Spring Fling Party (our first date). He called me two days later saying he had a wonderful time, the best time since he moved to the area. He said we would have to make plans but he couldn’t do it at that moment. I called him two days later and got his voice mail. I wished him a Happy Birthday! and told him to call me when he gets a chance. It has now been 2 weeks later and have not heard from him. Some of my friends think I should call him now. If I call him, I think it should be after New Years. Should I call him? If so, when? What should I say? Or should I forget him? I was falling for him, I thought he was this really nice wonderful guy.

Answer: Look, here’s the deal, you don’t even know this guy that well. So, what do you really have to lose? You should call him. You don’t have that much emotional time invested in him anyway. The only thing that you have to go on is the fact you had a good date with him and he seems like a nice guy. Find out if he is who you think he is…and resolve to go for it! But please don’t get your hopes up about this guy. You hardly know him and anyone can put on a “Mr. Right” act for one date. Also, remember he is already showing signs of being a little inconsistent in his level of interest. Bottom line, you will go into ‘09 knowing what’s up with him and you won’t have to wonder any longer. Be sure to let us know what happens.
-Matt & Tamsen
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January 28, 2010

I’m not sure if I am using this site correctly but I do have a questions can you give some advice on older women finding love….seems like a lot of men are attracted to younger women old and young alike, why I haven’t got a clue there not wanting you for your distinguished gray hair its your wallet honey pie so get over yourself.

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