What to Talk About on a First Date: 7 Best Tips

What to talk about on a first date? Many people ask themselves this question, but not everybody comes up with the right answer. Here you’ll find some great conversation tips for a first date with a lady: what you should talk about and what’s best left unsaid. Girls love with their ears, so if you […]

Tips for Healthy Relationships

Best relationships are based on mutual understanding, compassion, and trust. In order to make a relationship work, both partners must be open and honest with each other. If you’re serious about starting a real relationship, these tips for healthy relationships can help you improve your skills for dating and increase the amount of happiness you […]

Melanie Notkin, Founder, Savvy Auntie

When Melanie first became an Auntie in 2001, she found herself concerned by the lack of resources for modern Aunts. Melanie quickly realized the vast size and unmet needs of the market of women like herself, she launched SavvyAuntie in July 2008. She recently updated her fabulous personal website,, it’s a must stop destination […]

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