Can A Guy Have Feelings For Two Girls At The Same Time?

Humans naturally connect with more than one person. If you think about family, friends and relationships, we form multiple different attachments with individuals. With this in mind, can a guy have feelings for two girls at the same time? It’s imperious that you don’t mistake attraction, lust or a crush for being in love with […]

Is It Harder To Get A Girlfriend If You’re Short? Is Taller Better

Are you ready to meet your next partner but feel your height is stifling you when it comes to dating? Do you think that because you’re not tall, it is going to be harder for you to get a girlfriend if you’re short? Society may cause you to believe that in order to be classed […]

Should I Bring My Date A Gift: When Is A Present Okay?

Preparing for the first date can leave you wondering whether or not you should bring your date a gift. Of course, we want our companion to like us, however, using a present as a way to gain their approval is not the best method, and can ultimately have a reverse effect. If gift giving is part […]

Am I Too Old To Date At 40: How To Not Limit Your Beliefs

Successfully socialising in your forties can sometimes be deemed as almost non-existent. There are misconstrued ideas that dating in your forties should be approached differently. You’re no longer a twenty-something-year-old with no responsibilities other than what nightclub you’re going to. Although you may be more mature, with life experience, are you too old to date […]

How To Know If He Is Toxic: 10 Red Flags To Know

When we first start dating someone, it can be difficult to notice what their toxic traits are. We forget that we should be on high alert for any signs that will determine whether he has unhealthy behaviour. Even though your judgement may be obscure, it’s of the essence that you understand how to know if […]

Is It Okay To Approach A Girl At The Gym: Learn How Here

Avid gym goers tend to familiarise themselves with other fitness enthusiasts that train at the same time. Over time, you may find yourself developing a crush on a certain individual. After all, people are more likely to become attracted to someone who they see frequently. If you’re at this stage, you’re probably wondering if it’s […]

How Do You Know If You’re Being Strung Along: The Signs

How do you know if you’re being strung along? If you ask this question, you probably already feel like the guy/girl you’re seeing does not want to commit to you. So why would someone string you along if they have no investment to be with you? Most of the time, a person will lead someone […]

Can An Introvert Date An Extrovert: Do Opposites Attract

Do you have a new love interest and you’re not sure if the relationship will work? Can an introvert date an extrovert, or will there be too much conflict in the relationship? When an introvert and extrovert come together, there will be certain differences that will need to be taken into account, and respected. For […]

I Have Not Had A Girlfriend In 10 Years: How To Date Again

If you have not had a girlfriend in 10 years, you’re probably feeling like you’ll never meet anybody, and that something must be wrong with you. First and foremost, this way of thinking won’t get you anywhere in the dating world. You won’t attract a girl if you feel somehow flawed or not not worthy. […]

Why Does He Keep Cancelling Our Dates: Answer To Flaking

If you’re wondering why does he keep cancelling your dates, chances are this has happened on more than one occasion. It can be extremely frustrating, especially if he cancels last minute. Is he stringing you along, or does he have a valid reason? When the guy cancels your dates, is he the one to initiate […]

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