She Blocked My Number Is It Over: What You Need To Know

She blocked my number is it over

Has she blocked your number, and you’re now wondering if it’s over or not?

You may have been blocked because you were being too much by sending copious amounts of texts. On the other hand, she could block you as a method to stop herself from being drawn to you.

There a few a different reasons why you’ve been blocked. Once you confirm what the reason may be, you can act accordingly. Keep in mind, you should never chase a woman. If she has reiterated to you that she has no interest, you should leave her alone and focus on yourself.

In this article we will expand into if she blocked your number, is it over. We will also go into all the reasons why this has happened, and how you should react. If you want to get a girl back after she’s blocked you, we will also touch base on what you should do.

If she blocked my number is it over?

She blocked my number is it over
She blocked my number is it over?

If she was your former girlfriend and she’s blocked you, one of the main reasons for this is because she’s started to date someone new. She does not want you to know or interfere. In this situation, it will be over, and you will need to accept that she no longer has any interest in you.

Sometimes, however, the reason behind why she blocks you is not always so straightforward. There could still be potential for it to not be over between you and the girl.

However, you will need to understand why she’s blocked you before you can decipher whether or not you have a chance to reignite the relationship.

Why did she block me everywhere?

There are several reasons why she may have blocked you;

1. She wants her power back

If your relationship has ended, she could have blocked you because she wants her power back. This could be because you perhaps didn’t push for the relationship.

She may have felt like you did not make enough effort.

2. You’ve texted too much

If you send too many texts to a woman, she can start to feel overwhelmed and block you to create space between the two of you.

Did you argue and perhaps lose accountability for your emotions? When this happens, people can tend to overly text, sending a countless number of messages.

3. She’s asked you for space

Has she asked you for space, yet you’ve still been pursuing her?

If a woman has asked you for space, she wants time on her own to think about what she wants, and what her feelings are towards you.

If you don’t respect this request and keep trying to speak to her, she will block you as a way to force you to leave her alone.

4. You’ve crept on her social media

If you’ve checked out her social media and then question her about it, she will feel like you’ve gone into her territory, and feel defensive.

When you do this, she may block you from her social media.

5. She’s trying to avoid you

Sometimes, a girl may block you not because she has no interest in you, but rather because she knows she won’t be able to stay away from you.

If you’re a charming guy, she could feel like if she does not prevent any form of contact, she will be drawn back to you.

6. She’s testing you

A former girlfriend may block you to test you to see your reaction. If you’re trying to get her back, she may want to see if you’ve changed.

7. You’ve turned her off

If you display low-self value traits, you will cause her to lose attraction towards you. Being too needy will turn her off, and she may have felt that the only way for you to leave her alone would be to block you.

What to do if a girl blocks you?

She blocked my number is it over
She blocked my number is it over?

If she has blocked you because she is no longer interested in you, you need to leave her alone. This may be difficult if she was your former girlfriend, but you will need to stop chasing her. Once she blocks you, she’s either already started to date someone new, or she’s mentally decided that she’s ready to date again.

If your relationship did not work because you both had different beliefs, values and long-term goals, you will need to accept that you may not be compatible with each other.

You should never wait for a woman. If she has made it known to you that she does not want to date you, accept this, and use this time to focus on your own life and goals.

Once she blocks you, do not contact her. Allow her to have space from you. If she blocked you because she was testing you, or trying to avoid you, she will probably unblock you in her own time.

Tip, do not send a girl flowers as a way to win her back.

If you come across as needy, you will be showing signs of ‘Beta-Male’ characteristics which are unattractive for women.

What is the difference between alpha and beta males?

An alpha male will be confident, assertive, dominant and powerful. Whereas, a beta male will be passive, weak in certain areas and needy.

A beta male will constantly need reassurance from a girl. These characteristics will push a woman away. It’s important to remember that too many alpha male traits can have a negative effect. There should be equal traits between the two.

Can you get a girl back after she blocked me?

She blocked my number is it over
She blocked my number is it over?

You can get a girl back after she’s blocked you, however, you will first need to understand the real reason behind why she did this in the first place. A woman will want to be with a guy who is perceived to have a higher value than herself. If you were acting needy, she will feel like you are below her, and unconsciously believe that she’s worth more than you. 

Once this happens, you will need to show her that you’re a different guy than the one she rejected. This will include a change in your communication style.

If you kept messaging her, steer away from this, and do not contact her again. Show her that your self-worth does not depend on what she thinks about you.

You need to feel like you will always have options, and that you’re not afraid to set boundaries because you don’t want to lose a woman.

With this mindset, you won’t feel like her blocking you is the end of the world. If you carry on with your life, you may spark her with a new interest in yourself.

Ultimately, whatever the reason was that caused her to block you, you need to avoid this behaviour in the future.

Give her the space she wants, and do not initiate conversation. If she ends up unblocking you, do not go straight into what happened before. Keep things lighthearted and fun.

She blocked my number but not social media

Guy on his phone
She blocked my number is it over?

When she blocks your number but not the social media accounts, she may want to get a reaction from you. Did you argue before she blocked you? If she has an emotional attachment to you, she won’t be able to cut you off completely. The dynamic of your relationship will play a part in the reasons behind why she did not block you from her socials.

If you’re in a relationship, she may have blocked your number to see what your reaction would be. We all act out when we’re emotional, and she may have blocked your number in haste.

After separation, she may want you to see what she’s getting up to so she can gauge what your feelings may be. Do you react to her posts and/or stories?

If she blocked your number, but not social media she wants you to see. In this situation, it would be best to not give her attention.


If you’ve been blocked, it’s important to understand what the reason is behind why she blocks you. Once you know what this is, you can properly determine whether or not the relationship is over.

Once a woman asks for space, you should no longer send her messages. This will show her that you do not respect her request, and make you come across as needy, both of which will cause her to lose attraction for you.

The no contact rule is extremely important to stick to after you’ve been blocked. Use this time to focus on yourself, and your own goals. This will show the girl that you are confident on your own, and that you do not need her for reassurance.

Depending on why you were blocked, she may re-initiate conversation in her own time.

She Blocked My Number Is It Over: What You Need To Know

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