How to Get a Woman Interested In Me: 5 Easy Steps

how to get a woman interested in me

Do you want to know how to get a woman interested in you? Are you unsure of how to conduct yourself in a conversation with a girl you’re attracted to?

What guys seem to forget when they’ve met someone they’re absolutely smitten over, is that they should not put in all the work from the very beginning. Yes, we know you may be head over heels and you want this girl to be interested in you too, but if a girl knows she doesn’t need to make any effort, she won’t see you with value.

An important factor in knowing how to get a woman interested in you is investment. The more she invests in you, your value will increase.

Want to know more? We have generated this easy to read guide for you to follow. You will learn the key components on how to get a woman interested in you, as well as be given practical steps that you will be able to put in to action when you are in an interaction with a girl you’re attracted to.

How to Get a Woman Interested In Me

how to get a woman interested in me
How to get a woman interested in me

If you want to get a woman interested in you, creating a feeling of uncertainty can build up suspense that keeps her guessing, and stimulates her imagination. We are naturally curious, so when we’re left wondering about something, we will instinctively be drawn in to find out more, and confirm if our speculation is correct.  

Men and women can have different ideas of what romance is, and this can sometimes play a role in whether or not a guy is successful in keeping a girl interested.

The attraction women feel tends to build over a long period, whilst the attraction a man feels for a woman is instant. It’s therefore important that a man’s behaviour is consistent, allowing the girl to experience your personality so she can make an organic decision whether she wants to pursue a romantic relationship with you or not.

Before we proceed with the key factors that can be used to answer how to get a woman interested in you, you need to understand that attraction is not a choice.

Women do not decide who they’re attracted to. It will come from how you conduct yourself. This will include your behaviour, mannerisms and attitude.

What are Women Interested in?

how to get a woman interested in me
How to get a woman interested in me

Women are interested in someone decisive, that can take control of the situation without being afraid of making the wrong choice. The last thing a girl wants to do, especially on a first date is to take the lead. Your attractiveness will deplete if she feels like she’s controlling the vibe between you two.

Here are the other main attributes that women are interested in;

1. Dominance

Not to be mistaken for domineering (you don’t want to come across as arrogant or controlling), dominance is a characteristic that shows the person is not afraid to take the lead and make decisions for other individuals.

2. Masculinity

Aren’t all men masculine? Not necessarily. You can describe a masculine trait as;

  • Assertive
  • Strength
  • Brave
  • Confident

Masculine traits can make a girl feel safe and secure when they’re around you. This aids in helping her feel like she can trust you in the long run.

3. Being Grounded

If you’re grounded, we’re pretty sure you’re aware of your values and own abilities. Someone irrational and ignorant will have a harder time getting a woman interested in them.

Women are interested in men who are assertive and confident within themselves.

4. Status

When we say status, we don’t mean you need to be famous for a woman to be interested in you.

If you go into a bar and the staff acknowledge you, or you’re walking down the street and you have multiple people saying hello to you, this will show that you have social value.

Women are drawn to guys who have social status. Someone who’s being talked about is perceived as important, and if she believes you’re socially above her, it will increase the attraction.

From these four key points, knowing how to get a woman interested in you is based on how you conduct yourself, and can be achieved by working on yourself.

How to Become What Women Are Interested in

how to get a woman interested in me
How to get a woman interested in me

The good news is that you can work on yourself if you feel like you are currently struggling to get a woman interested in you. The interest a woman has for a guy has got nothing to do with what you have, and more with how you conduct yourself. Once you know you can be yourself, and have confidence that you are enough, you will inadvertently come across as a girl with high value. 

When we’re confident, we’re sure of who we are as an individual. Our capabilities, value, and knowing that you have high self-worth.

With confidence, comes the ability to be able to be your true authentic self, without worrying whether or not a girl is going to be interested in you. This will also give you that ‘smooth’ factor that women seem to be easily attracted to.

A man who is not self-assured will supplicate their status just to get a woman to be interested in them. This can then have an opposite effect.

(Did you know; When a guy is first in love, high amount of dopamine is released which will cause him to feel a euphoria feeling. This chemical is connected to the brain’s ‘reward center’).

Ways in which you can work on yourself include;

Embrace your character

If you have certain features that you feel insecure about, instead of shying away from them, use them to your advantage.

For example, if you tend to start stuttering when you’re speaking to an attractive girl, instead of trying to get through what you want to say, slow the conversation down and give yourself enough time to say what you want. Women are attracted to a drawn-out interaction more so than a rushing guy.

Be aware of who you are

List your values, boundaries and attributes if you want to better understand who you are as a person.

Don’t attach your self-worth to something physical.

Know what you’re attracted to. This is just as important than to know how to get a girl interested in you, and will give you the confidence to be yourself.

If you can have the mentality of, ‘If this girl is not interested in me, it doesn’t matter because I know how cool I am’ you’ll be meeting women with a presence that can attract them to you without you having to put in as much effort.

Did you know women will decide in the first two minutes of meeting a guy whether or not they’re attracted to their vibe?

An important point to remember when you want to get a girl interested in you is that it’s got nothing to do with what the guy is doing, but all to do with who you are.

Let’s move on to the practicalities you can exhibit to get a girl interested in you.

Practical Steps to Get a Girl Interested in You

Couple on Scooters
How to get a woman interested in me

The two main enemies of attraction are predictability and boredom. These two factors can hinder the process of a girl becoming interested in you. Therefore, being unpredictable and fun are important practicalities when interacting with a girl you’re attracted to.

If a guy can keep a girl guessing what you’re going to say or do next, she will invest more into you. This will create interest and uncertainty.

Here are additional ways in which you can positively utilise your behaviour;

1. Allow Her to Put in The Work

If a guy is supplicating his status to get a girl to like him, he will be continuously thinking about how can he get the girl to keep speaking to him and what can he do to get her attracted to him.

When this occurs, a woman knows she does not need to make any effort and loses value for the guy.

A girl will respect you more when she invests in you.

Here’s something worth remembering;

‘If a girl can get attention, validation and affection from you without putting in any investment, she will place no value on being with you’ – Bobby Rio

2. Display Glimpses

An example of this is showing snippets of what a girl wants to see is your undivided attention or validation. Showing signs of this without being to upfront can create a feeling of uncertainty.

In response to this, she may become intrigued, and invest to find out more.

3. Have Boundaries

Ever heard of the phrase; ‘Don’t reward bad behaviour’?

This can be adhered to when you want to get a woman interested in you. If she’s not respecting your time, it’s not a case of just accepting and moving on.

Have you planned a date and she’s cancelled last minute on multiple occasions? Don’t be the guy to keep rescheduling.

Allow her to make an effort for your time. This will increase her investment in you and create a higher value.


With this easy to read guide, we hope you understand the key components in how to get a woman interested in you. Are you now more aware that knowing who you are is the foundation to get a girl interested in you?

(Quiz Question; What chemical is released in the brain when a guy first falls in love?). If you know the answer, you can include it in the comments box below. If you have any questions or feedback, you can include these to.

Keep in mind, when you’re getting to know a girl, whether on a date or in general circumstances, it’s important to be aware her of body language as these little signs can help you understand if a girl is interested in you.

How to Get a Woman Interested In Me: 5 Easy Steps

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