How To Be Better With Women: Improve Your Dating Skills

Some men just seem to have it, don’t they?

They wander up to a woman they’ve never met and before you know it, they’ve exchanged numbers and have a date lined up.

It’s not just the initial dating stages they seem good at, it’s all through the relationship too. Some men just seem to have it all and know how to behave around women, and are more successful as a result.

If you’re not one of these people, fear not! Learning how to be better with women is straightforward.

You can learn this stuff just like you can learn anything else! But, before we go on to look at how to be better with women, we need to see what being good with women actually looks like.

What does it mean to be good with women?

How to be better with women
How to be better with women

When we describe men as ‘good with women’ we usually mean that they have certain characteristics that women are attracted to, and by this, we’re not talking about looks. Men who are good with women tend to have higher self-confidence and are natural people-readers. In other words, they know how to read women, know what they want, and they’re confident at delivering it.

Not all women want the same thing. Some want to be wined and dined, some want fun and adventure, while others enjoy a simple life of cozy nights with a glass of wine, a film, and a box of chocolates.

Being good with women simply means working out what the woman wants and giving it to her. Does she like people who play hard to get? What does she think of loud men? Does she like a certain type of conversation?

To start being better with women, you need to first know what the woman wants, and, unfortunately, there aren’t really any generalisations that you can use to ensure success. 

What do women want?

How to be better with women
How to be better with women

Even though we’ve just said you can’t really generalise when it comes to women, there are certain characteristics that all women want. These include respect, emotional safety and presence. Of course, a woman wans to be physically attracted to you, however, this won’t be her ‘choice’ and will be based on how you conduct yourself.

Lets get into the necessary characteristics that will help you be better with women;

1. Respect

Respect comes down to a few things. Listening to them, allowing them to speak, validating their feelings, politeness, kindness, sincerity, and respecting personal boundaries are all good places to start.

2. Emotional safety

In years gone by, men would protect their women from physical harm. Nowadays, things have changed slightly. Men no longer have to be the hard guy who doesn’t show emotion.

More and more women want their men to have the intelligence and emotional capacity so that they feel safe emotionally themselves.

By this we mean, they feel comfortable with their own emotions without judgment. The more a man can connect to his own emotions and feelings, the more he will acknowledge and connect with hers.

Men often feel they’re in a double-bind when it comes to showing emotions but, when both parties express emotions, they can connect fully to one another.

In a recent survey, ninety-five percent of women confirmed that they prefer a man who is more open with this emotions. A whopping ninety-seven percent said that a man crying is strong, natural and healthy.

3. Presence

Many women will say they love it when men really listen. However, it’s not as simple as sitting there silently nodding.

Women want men who listen to them beyond what they say and the words that they use. Often, men go into fix-it mode and try to resolve situations with solutions.

Women, though, often prefer to simply have their feelings validated and aren’t looking for a resolution. Rather, they just want to get it off their chest and be heard.

The simple difference between men and women is that a lady will chat without intention, whereas guys feel like they need to speak only when there’s something important to be spoken about. 

How can I be amazing with women?

How to be better with women
How to be better with women

If you know what women want, then, how can you be amazing with them? The key to this is just to practice. You won’t always get it right, but the key is to learn to be amazing as you go along. The more times you approach a woman, the quicker you’ll learn your natural game, and how to conduct yourself in a way that makes you feel confident.

As long as you remember to stick to the three important characteristics of respect, emotional safety and presence, you should be able to be amazing with women. 

(Did you know; studies have shown, women are attracted to men who wear Blue. The next time you’re going out to approach women, think about wearing a Blue shirt!).

Another trait that women love in a man is honesty. If you mess up, ‘fess up! Apologising goes a really long way, and she’ll respect you all the more if you can admit your fault.

How can I get better at meeting women?

How to be better with women
How to be better with women

It’s no good knowing all the ways to be better with women if you find it hard to find a woman to date in the first place! Meeting women isn’t easy, so don’t get disheartened if you get rejected. When you approach a women, as long as you’re confident and able to hold a conversation, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Here are some things to try to get better at initiating an interaction with ladies;

1. Come across as friendly and flirty, not sleazy

Women don’t want men to launch into the ‘have you got a boyfriend?’ or ‘can I get your number?’ questions when you’ve only just caught eyes.

Don’t use a cheesy chat-up line like ‘do you come here often?’ either, unless you think it will go down well. Instead, think of a way you can start to develop a connection.

2. Don’t ask for her number, give her yours

It will show great confidence and respect if, instead of saying ‘can I have your number?’, you say ‘here’s my number’

Women are attracted to a man who displays signs of alpha male characteristics. This includes dominance, strength and determination in their goals. If you want to pursue a woman, you need to do so with resilience.

3. Glance, don’t stare

If you’ve noticed a woman from across the room, don’t stare, even if she happens to be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.

Instead, you should glance occasionally and smile gently, then wait a while before looking over again. If she’s interested in you, you’ll notice her trying to do the same. And if she’s not, you won’t come across as creepy either. Most females like attention, even the ones who are taken!

Roles Reversed: How can I be a better woman for my man?

It would, perhaps, be a little bit sexist if we only focused on how men can be better. After all, many women have a lot to learn too! So, if you’re a woman reading this and wondering how you can be better for your man, we’re about to tell you;

  • Respect
  • Emotional safety
  • Presence

Hang on a minute! Aren’t they the same? Yes.

Essentially, men and women aren’t all that different. Everyone in a relationship wants respect, emotional safety, and presence.

Which we can all learn from one another too. Just like no two ladies are the same, no two men are either. It’s all about learning what your partner wants, regardless of their gender.

Relationships take a lot of work. As long as you don’t neglect making an effort, you’ll be able to have a long lasting, fulfilling life with your significant other. Communication is key, and should not be avoided, especially in uncomfortable situations. 


How do you attract a woman emotionally?

When you’re trying to attract a woman on an emotional level, refrain from over investing your time and effort. If a lady feels that she has you without needing to put in any effort, she will de-value you. Withhold some of your attention. It will result in her seeing you with more value.

What do women find attractive in men?

One of the main attractive traits in a man is independence. If you show a woman that you have your own life, and don’t need to rely on her, it will draw her to you, and want to make an effort to see you. 


Now that you know how to be better with women, we hope you can execute the necessary characteristics confidently. It’s important to always be yourself and not try to be someone you’re not. 

If you want to consistently be better with women, you need to be conscious in your actions, and make an effort with treating her right on an emotional level. 

Remember, you can be better with women but ultimately, the right lady will be attracted to your natural way, and accept you for who you are. 

(Quiz Question; what colour should a guy wear to instigate attraction for a woman?). Leave your answer in the reply box below.

How To Be Better With Women: Improve Your Dating Skills

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