Is It Harder To Get A Girlfriend If You’re Short? Is Taller Better

Are you ready to meet your next partner but feel your height is stifling you when it comes to dating? Do you think that because you’re not tall, it is going to be harder for you to get a girlfriend if you’re short?

Society may cause you to believe that in order to be classed as an ‘attractive’ guy, your height needs to be above average. Although this phenotype can sometimes play a role in a women’s decision on who to match with on an online dating site, it should not be seen as a detriment.

We all have preferences and characteristics that we look out for when we want to connect with someone. Yes, height might be one of them, but your personality and how you speak to women has the potential to be more significant when you meet a girl.

In this article we’ll delve deeper into whether or not being tall affects a guy’s chances of meeting a lady. We’ll also expand on if it is really harder to get a girlfriend if you’re short, and what you can do to help improve your dating life so you no longer need to feel inadequate.

Why do females prefer taller males?

Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you're short
Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you’re short

Women perceive tall males as more attractive than short men. A citation published by Taylor & Francis Online on social psychology found via research that being short for a man was deemed as a disadvantage as opposed to being tall. 

If we take evolutionary psychology into account, on a subconscious level, women are naturally drawn to a taller guy because back in the hunter-gatherer culture, a taller man was seen as more of a protector, and better equipped to acquire food.

Now, women articulate this preference by saying they feel ‘safe’ and ‘delicate’ when they’re with a guy that’s taller than them. Along with this, women may view a tall man to be more masculine.

(Did you know; on online dating apps, the second most lied about bio info on a man’s profile is his height. The first was his occupation).

Females will prefer a taller male because they seem to associate strength with height and confidence. These are only two of the leading traits that women find attractive in a guy.

Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you’re short?

Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you're short
Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you’re short

A short guy can have a harder time when it comes to dating merely because just over half of females prefer a tall guy. A survey done by a US University confirmed this with 55% of women saying they would rather be with a man that’s taller than she. Previous findings have also found girls will opt for a man that’s at least eight inches (roughly twenty centimetres) taller than they are. 

From a guy’s perspective, you might want to date someone who’s shorter than you are. An article posted by Sage Journals confirmed that height will impact a man’s masculinity. To date a woman who is taller then you are, may have an affect on your self-esteem, and cause you to lose your feeling of dominance.

A further reason why it may be more difficult for a short guy to get a girlfriend is that in society, a tall man is considered to secure a higher social status, which can result in women choosing to pursue men that are taller than average height.

On the GirlsAskGuys forum, we asked the short gentlemen if they found it harder to date. Here’s what they said;

  • 80% said yes, it’s been hard
  • 20% said it didn’t make a difference

A few of the leading comments were;

  • ‘My height is a dealbreaker for most women I’ve ever been into. And probably most American women in general. I hate it far more than just what women think towards it, though.’ – MCheetah, age 35
  • ‘Many short guys do yeah’ – Boggboss, age 27
  • ‘Yeah we do. We are insecure about our height in general’ – Athlete_7, age 22

Although being short can be a seen as a detriment aesthetically, it’s not the only trait that women take into account when it comes to choosing the right partner.

In a survey done by, 82% of women confirmed they would date a guy who is the same height as she. Not only this, 68% advised they found shorter men to be attractive.

How do you get a girlfriend if you are short?

Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you're short
Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you’re short

To get a girlfriend as an average or below average height male, you should practice confidence, and how you approach ladies in social situations. To be confident is essential when it comes to successful dating. If you can refrain from focusing on your insecurity, it can help improve your presence when you’re on a date, or in company.

There are multiple other traits in a man that you can regard as more important than height. Research from discovered that more than 50% of ladies said a man’s personality was what they thought of first.

Some of the leading characteristics that women find to be attractive is mystery, self-awareness and humour. When your presence displays these traits, a girl will focus less on your height, and more on your charisma.

A distinctive difference between a guy who can get a girlfriend, and one who struggles is how he can invoke positive emotions in a lady. It won’t matter if you’re short if you can make a girl feel good. To help with emotional fluidity in a conversation with a girl you like, you can practice the following;

  • Be fun

An example of this could be roleplay

  • Create intrigue

If you can keep a girl guessing, it will spark the attraction. This can cause her to want to know more about you.

  • Make her laugh

Get a girl to laugh with you, rather than at you. She will feel positive emotions towards you. This could be teasing or playful banter.

  • Teach her something

If you can teach her something new, she will associate authority with you, and respect you more for it.

With these four approaches, your height won’t be a concern, and should not be seen as a hindrance.

Does being short make you less attractive?

Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you're short
Is it harder to get a girlfriend if you’re short

Being short doesn’t make you less attractive. Your attitude, and the way you conduct yourself is what can have a negative effect on how well you come across to women. If you feel inadequate because of your height, you might try and over-compensate with your behaviour. However, this can sometimes make you appear aggressive, or as though you’re trying too hard. 

The University of Cambridge found that it’s not the height of the guy that women find attractive, but more so the length of his legs.

Successful actors such as Mark Wahlberg (173cm), Tom Cruise (170cm) and Tom Hardy (175cm) have been considered a few of the most attractive men in the industry.

These guys are not the tallest, but yet, they’ve surpassed some of the taller heart throbs. Tom Hardy was voted number eleven as one of the sexiest men on the planet, as per Heart FM.

The girls on a forum shared their thoughts on whether or not they’re more attracted to taller guys;

  • 50% said yes
  • 29% confirmed a solid no
  • 21% advised they take personality into account

Although at a first glance, a woman may perceive a tall man as more attractive, in the long-term, chemistry between two individuals, personality and compatibility are more important.


Does height really matter in a relationship?

A woman may prefer to be with a guy who’s taller than her because if will make her feel protected, and enhance her femininity. On the other hand, a male might initially choose a girl who’s shorter because it can supplement his dominance and masculinity. However, in a relationship, height should not be the deciding factor.

Is being short unattractive for a girl?

Being short is not unattractive for a girl. Every woman will have her own preference. Some girls prefer men who are around the same height, whereas others prefer at least 8 inches taller than she is.


Through the stages of evolution, men who were tall were considered to be stronger, better protectors and more suited to find food.  This may not be applicable now, however, there can still be an underlying stereotype that tall men are more dominant, have a higher social status, and are seen as more attractive by the opposite gender.

However, it’s imperative that you understand height is not the only trait that women take into account. Your personality will supersede how tall you are. If you can be confident without over-compensating, you should have no problem finding the right partner for you!

(Quiz Question; do men lie about their height when making an online dating profile?). Let us know what you think in the reply box down below.

Is It Harder To Get A Girlfriend If You’re Short? Is Taller Better

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