Do Girls Find It Easy To Reject A Guy: Does It Effect Her

Do girls find it easy to reject a guy

Having to say no to someone, especially for a woman will never be smooth sailing. Guilt may kick in, and the mirror neurons in the brain will cause her to take into account how the person on the receiving end will feel. With this in mind, we can simply answer do girls find it easy to reject a guy with a definite no.

Besides having to pluck up the courage to initialise a somewhat awkward conversation, a woman will also take into account how a man will react. Whether the reason behind the rejection is trivial or not, the pressure of having to deliberately hurt someone’s feelings can be extremely stressful.

In this post, we’ll delve further into why do girls not find it easy to reject a guy. We’ll expand on what actually happens when rejection takes place, and why a woman might feel compelled to say no.

Do girls find it easy to reject a guy?

Do girls find it easy to reject a guy
Do girls find it easy to reject a guy

As per research from ScienceDirect, a woman has higher emotional awareness, social consideration and empathy compared to men. With this, girls will have a harder time saying no to someone when they know it’ll affect them negatively. 

It has also been found that women will use more of the mirror neurons found in the brain when they filter out emotions. These neurons will stimulate when we conduct or witness certain actions. A mirror neuron is the culprit for taking other people’s perspectives into consideration.

Further studies into social rejection between the opposite genders have found that women will categorize the needs of other individuals as more important than her own, and will choose to do the ‘right thing’ before her happiness.

Additional to this, women seemingly have more moral in social situations, which is why they may find it difficult to reject a guy, and sometimes receive the accusation of ‘leading him on’.

The public confirmed this on the GirlsAskGuys forum. Here were the results;

  • 20% said it did not bother them
  • 60% confirmed it made them feel guilty
  • 20% it wouldn’t effect them if they didn’t know him on a persona level

A few of the users left an opinion which read;

  • I feel so bad for hurting his feelings.’
  • ‘I always try my best to turn them down nicely. But if they persist even after rejecting them then I just simply ignore the hell out of them, leave them on read or block them.’

One girl confirmed just how hard it is for a girl to reject a guy;

  • ‘No I feel guilty as hell. Even though I know he’ll be fine and I don’t owe him a yes. But rejection never feels good, so I know I’m making a person feel bad by rejecting him which makes me uncomfortable. I tend to overthink everything in life so I overestimate the impact my rejection makes just so I can beat myself up about it. Despite my discomfort, I am direct about it. I say I’m not interested and go on with my day feeling bad about that.’

What are the reasons for a girl to reject a guy?

Do girls find it easy to reject a guy
Do girls find it easy to reject a guy

A girl will reject a guy is if he does not provide her with enough signals that prove he has interest in her on more than just a physical level. This can leave her to feel uncertain, and ultimately cause her to dismiss any potential that might have been shown.

Dating expert, Hayley Quinn advises another reason why a woman will reject a man after a date is if they felt the outcome of the social interaction was unsuccessful. The general cause for this is by not feeling a ‘spark’ or ‘connection’ with the guy.

Because society has put unwarranted pressure on single women in the dating pool to find a suitable companion in time, it can sometimes cause ladies to subconsciously expedite their decisions when choosing someone who could be the right partner. This could explain why a guy might feel he never got the chance to prove himself.

Sometimes, our personal lives can come in between being responsive to meeting new people. If she just rejects someone, it could have nothing to do with them, and all to do with her.

On a more micro level, Kama TV went out on the streets to ask women why they would reject a guy.

Here’s what they said;

  • If he comes on too strong and bold
  • When a guy is too obvious that he’s after something
  • She’s already in a relationship
  • He’s not being himself
  • He has no sense of humour
  • There’s no spark on a physical and mental level
  • They’re either too hot or too cold
  • How they approach a girl

(Did you know; daters will experience a harder time walking away from someone who is happy because it’s known to be contagious. With this, one of the main turn offs in dating is a negative person).

A lot of the time, a guy may presume the reason for a girl to reject him is because he wasn’t attractive enough. However, from these findings, there was no mention on physical attributes whatsoever.

What happens when a girl rejects a guy?

Do girls find it easy to reject a guy
Do girls find it easy to reject a guy

During rejection, her empathy will be automatically triggered when she witnesses the emotions felt by the guy. Empathy is the capacity for individuals to recognize how someone else might be feeling, along with being able to envisage what he or she could be thinking at the time.

Once her empathy activates, her mirror neurons in the brain will cause her to feel distress as though the rejection is happening to her to.

As we know rejection can have a negative impact on a persons self-esteem, a woman will feel guilty for making the decision to reject someone. Due to humans being prosocial, she might feel she’s going against what’s required from her to be socially accepted.

Previous studies have also shown that women pertain a higher level of prosocial emotions than men. This will cause a girl’s happiness to rely more on successful relationships compared to men.

This doesn’t take into account the reaction of the guy after a girl rejects him. If he retaliates with anger, menace or grief, it will only heighten her emotional response. Let’s take a further look into what happens to a guy when a girl rejects him.

How do guys feel when a girl rejects them?

Unhappy lady with date
Do girls find it easy to reject a guy

A mans’s feelings will be hurt, to a point that it will feel almost the same as physical pain. The American Psychological Association have found that social rejection triggers the same region of the brain that’s associated with anguish. 

Along with the physical, the emotional pain will damage a male’s self esteem. When a girl rejects a guy, he will relate it with his virility, and feel as though he needs to challenge her as a way to regain his masculinity. This is when he may become aggressive and rude towards her.

Rejection will bruise a guys ego. They flourish on compliments, attention and acknowledgements, so when a girl goes against this, it can cause him to feel inadequate, and put a damper on his mood.

Every guy is different, and will respond to rejection in his own way. Some will vocalise their anger, while others may become subdued. Either way, when a girl rejects a guy, it will leave them to feel as though they are not needed.


Is it okay to reject a guy?

It is okay to reject a guy, provided you’re polite, honest and genuine about it. Rejection is not fun for both parties, however, it’s important to remember that if you need to reject someone, it’s not your responsibility for how they react. As long as you were sincere and kind, you’ve done nothing wrong.

Why would a girl reject a guy she likes?

A girl may reject a guy she likes if his approach was done at the wrong time, or, she may not feel ready to go on dates. If her current personal life is in disarray, she might not be able to focus her attention on the guy she likes the way she would want to.


With this in depth article, we hope we’ve answered your question on do girls find it easy to reject guys. From what you’ve read, rejection is never simple. Not only for the guy on the receiving end, but the girl who will have to instigate emotional distress for both parties.

There are many reasons why a girl will reject a guy. The difference between men and women, is that after a date, a woman will focus on the outcome of the interaction, whereas a man will start to look inward, and think of all the things he could have done differently.

So, if a girl rejects you after a date, instead .of assuming it was because you did something wrong, understand that she may have just not felt that ‘spark’ that everyone wishes to experience.

(Quiz Question; what type of behaviour is a turn off in dating?). Send us your answer with the use of the comments box below.

Do Girls Find It Easy To Reject A Guy: Does It Effect Her

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