Is It Okay To Approach A Girl At The Gym: Learn How Here

Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym

Avid gym goers tend to familiarise themselves with other fitness enthusiasts that train at the same time. Over time, you may find yourself developing a crush on a certain individual. After all, people are more likely to become attracted to someone who they see frequently. If you’re at this stage, you’re probably wondering if it’s okay to approach a girl at the gym.

Although it’s not frowned upon to speak to someone in the gym, you still need to consider gym etiquette, and respect for the lady you want to meet. Nobody wants to have their last few reps disrupted by a stranger.

The gym can be an intimidating environment for women. You won’t want to make it worse for them by coming across as creepy.

This article will help understand how you can approach a girl in the gym the right way without making her feel uncomfortable. We will delve into what you should and shouldn’t do, so you can have a successful interaction and potentially meet your next girlfriend.

Can guys approach girls at the gym?

Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym
Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym?

A guy can approach a girl at the gym, provided that you do so with respect, and at the right time. Men and women go to the gym for various reasons. Whether it’s to blow off some steam, reach fitness goals or simply be a part of a community, it’s a great environment to meet like-minded people.

There are, however, the do’s and don’ts that should always be taken into consideration before you start chatting up a girl in the gym. Let’s first delve into how you shouldn’t approach a girl in the gym;

1. Don’t interrupt her workout

We all know how frustrating it can be when someone interrupts us during mid rep of one of our exercises. If you want to approach a girl but she’s busy on an exercise, it would be best for you to wait until she’s done, or at the very least on a rest.

2. Don’t start a longwinded conversation

Fitness enthusiasts are all different when it comes to how strict they are with their rest periods, or the time they want to spend in the gym.

With this in mind, you won’t know what her workout routine is. We’d recommend you refrain from starting a longwinded conversation if you’re trying to catch her attention during a break.

3. Don’t follow her around the gym

One of the main reasons why women don’t want a guy to approach them in the gym is because they find them to be ‘creepy’.

If you’re going to follow a girl around the gym, she’s most definitely going to feel uncomfortable.

We took to a forum where we asked the question if women mind being approached in the gym. One answer is as follows;

‘IF I didn’t have a boyfriend, I wouldn’t mind someone occasionally coming up. But mostly they’re creepy and obnoxious. But I mean, I can’t say I’d complain 100% of the time. There are non-creepy ways to do it but it seems like most gym guys I’ve ever experienced haven’t figured out the art to that yet.’ – BrookeAZ90, age 32.

How to approach a girl at the gym without being creepy

Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym
Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym

To help you not come across as creepy when you approach a girl in the gym, you’ll want to first build up a rapport between the two of you. Chances are, you both go to the gym at the same time. Previous research has confirmed that 68% of gym-goers will exercise at the same time on the days that they train.

The rapport does not need to involve a verbal conversation. In this situation, patience is key! Simply start with making eye contact, and include a smile. This will make you come across as friendly and approachable.

(Did you know; studies have found that smiling will make a person look healthier and more appealing to the eye. More so than being the ‘right’ weight or having make-up on for women).

Once you’ve built the foundation, when you do approach a girl in the gym, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to her. You should still, however, stick to the following do’s when approaching someone in the gym;

1. Wait until her workout is done

The end of a workout is a great time to approach someone. The feel-good chemical, endorphins will be flowing around the body, and you won’t be causing any disruption in the middle of her routine.

This will also give you time to have a chat without needing to rush or be interrupted.

2. Ask her for advice

A lot of the time, a guy will feel like they need to come across as though they’re an expert in the gym to impress a woman. This, however, is more of a turn off for a girl and should be avoided.

Don’t be afraid to ask her for advice, or compliment her on her technique. Make sure you’re sincere so as not to come across as patronizing.

3. Wait until her headphones are off

A person with headphones on in the gym generally won’t want to be approached. If you want to go to a girl, wait until she’s got her earphones out.

This will show her that you respect her workout time and that you’re not only thinking about yourself.

Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym?

Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym
Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym

We broached the subject of is it okay to approach a girl in the gym on a forum, as well as asked the question to a few of our local gym-goers at 3F Gym Bournemouth. Needless to say, the results were a mix of yes’s and no’s, but all with pretty much the same explanation behind their answers.

On the poll, 67% of women voted that they wouldn’t mind being approached in the gym, with the remaining 33% confirming they don’t want to be hassled while working out.

Here are some of the ladies’ opinions from the forum;

  • ‘Something in the middle of the two. If I went to the gym I wouldn’t mind being approached once in a while (shows my efforts are working so to speak) but if it constantly happened I’d find it annoying.’ – TacosRAwesome, age 32
  • ‘Depends on how they do it. If they smart and go casual I am ok with it. Like not just coming and chatting but make casual talk. Besides that when resting on the side’ – Red-Blaze, age 24
  • ‘I prefer being left alone but if the approach is respectful enough I might talk to him.’ – CubsterShura, age 21

Muay Thai boxing coach for Fight Like A Girl Training, and weightlifter Jessica Navarro gave us her thoughts on whether she thinks it’s okay for guys to approach a girl in the gym;

  • ‘Not against it at all as long as it’s done respectfully. I think for people who are really into their fitness etc. The gym is where they spend the majority of their time so if you’re single it’s a good place to meet people. Particularly for like-minded people. If you’re into your fitness you’re unlikely to be going out that much drinking. It could be hard to meet someone unless using dating apps etc? Like I said, as long as it’s done respectfully though and not taken the wrong way by the guy if you reject him.’

From these responses, we can conclude that the majority of women don’t mind if they get approached in the gym. As long as the guy does it respectfully and at the right time.

How to tell if a girl at the gym likes you

People chatting
Is it okay to approach a girl at the gym

If a girl at your gym likes you, she’ll probably be very subtle in her signs, however, there are certain actions that a woman may take if she’s interested in you that you can pick up on. A confident woman shouldn’t have an issue approaching you in the gym when you’re not in mid-set. 

More often than not, however, girls in the gym will generally stick to themselves, although, here are some helpful tips to help you gauge if a fitness girl likes you;

  • She often makes eye contact with you
  • She purposefully lets you see her checking you out
  • Asks you to spot her, or advice on an exercise
  • Frequently smiles at you

If you like her, it would be a good idea to reciprocate with a smile or hold her gaze with your own. You never know, you might just find yourself a new gym buddy, or even your next romantic relationship!


Is it creepy to talk to a girl at the gym?

It’s not creepy to talk to a girl at the gym, as long as you time it correctly. Don’t stare at her for a long period as this can be classed as creepy. After her workout, or when she’s on a break is a good time to approach her.

Do people hit on you at the gym?

In a previous survey, 43% of women said that they’ve been hit on in the gym, followed by 21% of men. 71% of guys and 53% of women confirmed that they stare at other people while working out. If we think about it, the gym is an environment where all like-minded people come together. What a perfect place to meet your match!


We all have different opinions when it comes to approaching someone at the gym. For some, the time to work out is sacred, and should not be interfered with. For others, it’s a great space to meet people with the same fitness goals.

Before you approach a girl in the gym, you need to take into consideration things such as if she’s in between sets, or got headphones on. We recommend that you build up a rapport between the two of you before you start a conversation.

This will set the tone for when you do decide to approach her, as well as give you an idea if she reciprocates your interest. As long as you stay respectful, you shouldn’t come across as creepy.

(Quiz Question; does smiling help make a person look more appealing?). Send us your answer through the reply box down below.

Is It Okay To Approach A Girl At The Gym: Learn How Here

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