Can Introverted Men Meet Women: How To Be Confident Dating

If you’re an introvert, you’ll know how forming connections with other people can sometimes be daunting and seemingly impossible. So, how can introverted men meet women if the mere thought of approaching a girl in public gives them heart palpitations?

Guys who are introverts tend to think that they have to be an extrovert in order to meet women. They assume they need to change who they are if they want to be successful in the approach. This, however, is not the case.

Would you believe us if we said you should embrace who you are, and maximise your own strengths, instead of trying to alter your weaknesses?

In this article, we’ll delve into how you can meet women as an introverted man, and how you can be just as attractive as an extrovert through enhancing your own strengths. Excited? Let’s dive in!

Can introverted men meet women?

Can introverted men meet women
Can introverted men meet women?

Introverted men can meet women if they are confident about who they are. Majority of the time, introverts will be stuck in the mindset that they won’t ever be able to meet a lady because they’re not extroverted. Once you shift your focus from what’s wrong about you, to embracing your strengths, you’ll be able to successfully attract women.

Remember, women are attracted to confidence, this does not have anything to do with whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert.

There are three key points that an introverted guy should do that will help him attract women, these include;

1. Change how you describe yourself

Mindset is very important when it comes to meeting women. If you don’t believe in yourself, and keep telling yourself you’re going to fail, you’ll never have success!

Instead of describing yourself as shy, quiet or insecure, change it to positive affirmations. Yes, you may be an introvert, but you’re confident, in control and self-assured.

2. Focus on others rather than yourself

Introverts are very introspective. You look inward rather than outward which can become extremely self critical. This can make you self conscious and insecure.

Instead, focus on the people around you and stay present in the moment. This will help you to become temporarily extroverted.

3. Don’t try too hard

Being an introvert, you may think that you need to over compensate during a date to make up for what you’re lacking.

Women will pick up that you’re trying too hard, and lose attraction for you. This is because they will start to see you as lower value than themselves.

Understand that less is more! Be yourself, it’ll do more than good that what you might think.

Introverted men can meet women once they embrace who they are, as opposed to trying to change, and become someone they’re not. You can attract ladies simply by maximising your strengths.

(Did you know; Introverts make up 25 – 40 percent of the population).

How do introverted men meet women?

Can introverted men meet women
Can introverted men meet women?

An introverted man can meet a woman by focusing on what he’s good at, and his strengths. This could be using a one-on-one interaction to your advantage. Introverts are great listeners. Because you’ll be less inclined to do all the talking on a date, you’ll come across as more attentive and patient. 

Girls love a good listener, and what better way for an introvert to attract a woman! See how you can use your strengths to your advantage to meet women?

Other ways in which an introverted man can meet a woman include;

1. Presence

Did you know, 70% of communication is done through body language? This is in favour for introverts, and can be used to your advantage to attract women.

Once you embrace this, you’ll be able to exude your presence through the energy you give off.

2. Authenticity

Introverts are very authentic due to being introspective. This will typically shine through when they’re speaking to other people.

Women gravitate towards men who are their true selves, and don’t put on an act. Embrace your authenticity!

3. Mystery

Mystery draws a woman to a man. If she knows everything there is to a guy straight away, she’ll become bored and lose interest.

As an introvert, you’re naturally inclined to withhold information about yourself. The advantage of this is that women like to get to know someone they find attractive over a period of time.

As you can see, being an introvert can be empowering, once you know how to use it to your advantage. Once you start looking at it as a positive attribute and less of a setback, you’ll soon become smooth around women without thinking twice about being quiet.

How do women feel about introverted guys?

Can introverted men meet women
Can introverted men meet women?

Women do not have a problem with introverted guys. A lady can find an introverted man just as attractive as an extrovert. Remember, the attraction she will feel towards a male will have more to do with your confidence as opposed to how open or quiet you are. If you’re an introvert, you’ll have certain characteristics and traits that will draw women to you. 

Women don’t overthink your personality type. Most women are comfortable dating introverts just as much as they are happy dating extroverts.

Some women prefer introverted men because they are more sensitive and in tune with their emotions. They are also seen as more sincere, humble, and intelligent.

Meanwhile, other women adore extroverts because they are outgoing, confident, and fun. This will ultimately depend on what a girl likes, and what she looks for in a guy. 

If you feel like you meet women who do not connect with you, it won’t be because there is a problem with you. More than likely, you’re approaching girls in an environment where they prefer extroverted individuals. Don’t let this damage your confidence!

How to get a date as an introvert

Can introverted men meet women
Can introverted men meet women

Online dating has been a game-changer for everyone looking to find love, no matter what their personality is. Introverted people are often more comfortable communicating through text or on dating sites. These platforms give you an excellent opportunity to connect with women without having to put yourself in an uncomfortable social situation.

Although online dating sites such as Tinder, Hinge or Bumble are great for introverts to establish the foundation to meet a woman, they still need to be able to meet them face to face, and not hide behind a screen.

To help with this, you can ask for help from your female friends. This is often how introverts end up in relationships.

If you have a close friend who is also introverted, ask him if he knows any single woman who might be compatible with you. Arrange a date in an environment that does not contain massive crowds.

Another great way to meet women as an introvert is to join a local meet up group, or club that aligns with your interests. For example, are you passionate about coffee? There are probably meet up groups for coffee lovers at coffee shops in your area.

Do you enjoy outdoor activities? Meet a woman by joining a hiking or camping group. You can easily find specific groups and communities in your area by going through Instagram or Facebook’s search feature. 

You can use your shared interests to start a conversation. Remember to show your excitement, so they feel your energy and enthusiasm.

Stay humble and carry yourself with confidence as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. The right woman will appreciate your introverted qualities.


Is dating hard for introverts?

It doesn’t have to be. Some women appreciate introverted men, depending on what their preference is. If you put in the work and work on your self-esteem, the universe will reward you with your soulmate.

How do I get over being shy?

The first step is acknowledging that you’re shy. Everyone has a weakness, and there’s nothing wrong with being shy.Instead of thinking of all the ways you could fail, start thinking about how you could succeed. You can start small by talking to people you’re comfortable with, like your best friend or sibling, and let them help with your social skills.

Once you’ve built up your confidence, start branching out and making new friends. It takes time and effort. You might even be hurt in the process, but do not let it affect you in the long term.

How do introverts keep women’s interest?

The ultimate dating tip that will always work is to be genuine and honest about your feelings. It’s so easy to step back from the dating pool because you think nobody will be interested in you.

More often than not, people will surprise you in the best way. Keep this in mind. Don’t try to hide the fact that you are an introverted guy, but don’t use it as an excuse to push people away. Let people know what you need from them, and be clear about your expectations. 


We hope this article has given you the courage to feel confident. Being an introvert does not need to be seen as a detriment to your success in meeting women. Once you embrace who you are, and maximise your strengths, you’ll be able to attract the right women through your authenticity and presence. 

Keep in mind, if your approach with women has so far been unsuccessful, it could be because you’re in the wrong environment. However, if you stay true to who you are, you’ll be able to filter out the girls who prefer an extrovert, and meet someone who matches your energy.

(Quiz Question; what percentage of the population consists of introverts?). Drop us your answer through the comments section below.

Can Introverted Men Meet Women: How To Be Confident Dating

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