Can I Use Tinder If I’m Not Good Looking: How To Get Matches

How to improve your Tinder profile

Online dating apps have become more popular than ever, and are a great way to not only find your next potential relationship, but to also meet people around the world. Although these applications are a useful tool to use, are they specific to attractive people only, and can you use Tinder if you’re not good looking?

You could be the best looking guy/girl on the app, but if your profile consists of poor quality images, and no bio, your chances of receiving ample matches could be pretty slim.

In this article, we’ll delve into whether you can use Tinder if you’re not good looking, and how you can help improve your account so you can stand a chance of receiving the best possible matches.

Can I use Tinder if I’m not good looking?

Can I use tinder if I'm not good looking

You can use Tinder if you’re not good looking. The online dating app requires you to not only upload pictures of yourself, but to also include a bio, and some personal information. With this in mind, as long as your images are of high quality, and your profile is not boring, you will still be able to create yourself an account.

Tinder does not show profiles based on attractiveness, and won’t take compatibility into account, such as the dating app, Hinge. All you need to input is a few details about yourself. This includes age, distance and preferences.

Does Tinder show most attractive first?

The online dating algorithm has been set to stay open. A supposedly ‘unattractive’ person has the same chance as a good looking individual to find matches. However, there is speculation that Tinder will put users with a higher score based on your restrictions first.

Is Tinder worth it for average looking guys?

Can I use tinder if I'm not good looking
Can I use tinder if I’m not good looking?

Statistically speaking, Tinder may not be worth it for average looking guys to meet someone online. Whether you’re considered as an attractive guy or not, men have a harder time in the dating world as opposed to women. It’s been estimated that one out of three guys who make use of an online dating app don’t even make it to a first date. 

An ‘average’ looking woman active on Tinder will swipe right on the top one percent of guys on the app. Along with the male population exceeding women, you may have a harder time getting a match with someone who’s out of your league.

Before you give up on online dating, there are ways in which you can help improve your profile. Not only this, but there are countless other apps that you can use to find more than just a hook up.

(Did you know; around fifty to eighty percent of users lie about themselves on their online dating profile).

Hinge dating is an online app that focuses more on finding relationships, rather than fleeting meet ups. For an average looking guy, The Bumble app is great. Once you have a match, the woman needs to make the first move.

Being good looking or attractive does not necessarily mean it will spark attraction there is a difference between the two.

Attractive is subjective but by a lot of todays societal standards is based on symmetry, if you have strong symmetrical features and a strong jaw line the chances are you will have an attractive face, which therefore people will say you are good looking.

However this alone may not be enough to ignite the emotion of attraction in a potential match online, your personality displayed in your bio can show your behaviour traits which can induce the emotion of attraction, so even without good looks you can still attract. Confidence, humour and mystery are some of the traits that can cause attraction, by working on these traits and displaying them in your bio and in the theme of your photos you can have just as much success as someone who has model features

Whichever dating app you decide to use, it’s imperative that you make an effort with your pictures. After all, they are what swipers are going to base their decision on!

How to improve your Tinder profile

Can I use tinder if I'm not good looking
Can I use tinder if I’m not good looking?

The most important part on a Tinder profile is your pictures. With the app being an online dating platform, users will decide whether or not to swipe right on your profile purely just by looking at your media content. So much so, that women will take a tenth of a second to get an opinion of you just by looking at a photo. 

With this in mind, your first picture (the one that will appear when an active user comes across your profile) needs to be top quality. We literally mean the resolution of your images need to be clear!

Not only this, but the four to six photos that you upload need to vary. This includes poses, expressions and backdrops.

Other things to consider when you choose your profile pictures include;

1. Refrain from too many group pictures

Having a group picture on your profile is not a bad thing. It shows you’re sociable and not a loner. However, too many can be a detriment to your matches.

Most of the time, we like to know instantly who’s profile we’ve just stumbled on. If a person can’t figure out who you are because all your pictures contain other people, their likely to keep swiping.

2. Include an image with a smile

A picture with you smiling will give people the impression that you’re friendly. Pleasant facial features will help your profile look more appealing as opposed to all your images being serious.

A good tip would be to ask your friends for their opinion on your choice of pictures. Whichever picture gets the most votes, use this one as your first image.

3. Don’t use too many selfies

One or two selfies maximum is alright to include in your photo selection. Natural photos have more of a success rate on your profile.

Action shots are even better. They prompt women/men to open the conversation that can progress, instead of the standard ‘how are you’ questions.

4. Include a bio

A lot of the time, users will avoid putting information in the bio section of their profile because they just don’t know what to say. Women are less likely to match with you if you don’t share some details about yourself.

Your bio short be short, and not over the top. You want to spark the persons interest, and get them to want to know more about you.

When you create your Tinder account, keep in mind that you’re only attractive as your worst photo. A quality profile will include a selection of images and an informative bio that’s not over the top.

Why am I having no luck on Tinder?

Girl on an online date
Can I use tinder if I’m not good looking?

You might be having no luck on Tinder, because you’re setting your standards a lot higher than your own. If most of the online daters are going for people that are more attractive than themselves, this could be why you’re not successful on the app. At least 25 percent of online users are looking for people who are more good looking than themselves.

A few other reasons why you might be having no luck on Tinder are;

  • Your pictures aren’t the best
  • Lack of bio
  • You’re not starting conversations
  • Your messages aren’t engaging

Once you match with someone on Tinder, you need to be able to hold a conversation, and not be boring. Remember, most Tinder users will have multiple different matches. If one profile lacks interest, they’ll move on to the next potential date.


Do dating apps filter by attractiveness?

Most dating apps will now use an algorithm to suggest certain profiles that match your criteria. They will also take into account your swipe activity by looking at the information provided in the accounts from which you match and ignore.

Should I get Tinder or Bumble?

Bumble is better if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. Tinder has been known to be the ‘hook-up’ app, however, users have found their life long partners.

How many Tinder matches a day is normal?

A standard woman’s profile will receive on average, 2.7 matches, and a male, 1.1.


Tinder can be used by anyone who’s looking to get into the dating world. Whether you’re good looking or not, users will almost always swipe right for profiles that are more attractive than themselves.

With this in mind, this could be why you feel as though you have no luck on the dating app. To help increase your success rate, have you considered registering your profile on more than one program? Bumble is great if you’re guy and you don’t want to have to worry about making the initial move.

As long as you make an effort with the images you upload to your profile, and include a catchy bio, you should have no issue receiving a few likes.

(Quiz Question; what percentage of online dating app users lie on their profile?). If you’d like to send us your answer, pop it in the comments box below.

Can I Use Tinder If I’m Not Good Looking: How To Get Matches

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