Can An Introvert Date An Extrovert: Do Opposites Attract

Can an introvert date an extrovert

Do you have a new love interest and you’re not sure if the relationship will work? Can an introvert date an extrovert, or will there be too much conflict in the relationship?

When an introvert and extrovert come together, there will be certain differences that will need to be taken into account, and respected. For instance, during an argument your partner may want to talk things through, whereas and introvert might want to take some time alone to reflect on the situation.

As long as there’s constant communication between couples, there’s no reason why the relationship won’t be successful. In this article, we’ll expand on can an introvert date an extrovert, and how you can make it work.

Can an introvert be in a relationship with an extrovert?

Can an introvert date an extrovert
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An introvert can most definitely date an extrovert. You can use the phrase ‘opposites attract’ when it comes to this dynamic of a relationship. Although to date someone who is the complete opposite of you can be deemed as a Red flag, a couple who is an introvert and extrovert can help each other grow as individuals.

Before we delve into how an introvert can date an extrovert, and what you need to consider in order to have a healthy, happy relationship, we first need to distinguish what the difference is between these two type’s of personalities.

What is an introvert person like?

A person who is an introvert is comfortable in their own company, and does not need to surround themselves around other people.

They will enjoy spending time with only a few friends at a time, instead of a large group of people, however, will be more at ease when they focus internally, rather than externally. An introvert will struggle to remove themselves from their own personal space.

(Did you know; people who are extroverts are more likely to take an interest in thrill seeking activities. This is because they are more prone to prefer immediate rewards).

What is an extrovert person?

An extrovert person is the polar opposite of an introvert. They crave to be around people, and excel off other people’s energies. Extrovert characteristics are loud, happy and cheerful.

If you’re an extrovert, you’ll enjoy attention from others, and want to always be sociable.

It’s important to note that an introvert and extrovert person is different due to the way in which they receive their energy. It is not only the one being ‘shy’ and the other ‘outgoing’. For a more in depth look into the differences between the two, you can check out this article.

How can an introvert date an extrovert?

Can an introvert date an extrovert
Can an introvert date an extrovert?

In order for an introvert and an extrovert to date, there will need to be a balance in the relationship. Ultimately, a couple will need to find common ground in which each person understands the differences in their partner. If you’re an introvert, and you can’t accept this, your relationship won’t be able to progress.

When you’ve only just starting seeing somebody you’re getting to know their personality. During this time, communication is of utmost importance.

You’ll need to be open and honest with your partner, and let them know how you feel about social gatherings, the time you need to spend alone, and how you conduct yourself.

Whether your partner is an introvert or extrovert, if you like them, you’ll want to make the relationship work.

The differences between an extrovert and an introvert can sometimes cause conflict in the relationship. If you’re the introvert, you may feel as though you’re not important to your significant other when they’re frequently socialising with their friends.

On the other hand, an extrovert may assume silence from you as a lack of enthusiasm or disapproval. As long you openly speak about things, and respect each others boundaries, an introvert will be able to date an extrovert.

Do introverts and extroverts make good relationships?

Can an introvert date an extrovert

An introvert extrovert couple can make a great relationship. This is because your differences will complement and balance each other out. Having an extrovert partner while you’re an introvert will push you to get out of your comfort zone, whereas an introverted partner will allow an extrovert to explore their introspective side.

This will give both of you the opportunity to grow as individuals, and become more self aware with the support of your partner.

Other benefits of being in this dynamic of a relationship include;

1. Events are balanced

Let’s face it, an extrovert on their own will almost always go to every social event or outing. When an extrovert dates an introvert, there will be times where they’ll decide to sit one out.

Whereas, an introvert will probably limit their social gatherings, so dating an extrovert will help them interact with more people, and build close relationships.

2. You can rely on each other

Where the one partner is weak, the other is strong. This will allow you to rely on your boyfriend (or girlfriend) to help you in situations or circumstances where you’re not quite comfortable.

Perhaps you’re stuck with a group of people who won’t stop chatting. Your extrovert partner will be able to save you with their quick wit and outgoing personality!

Can 2 extroverts date?

Can an introvert date an extrovert?

Two extrovert people can date. Just like with any relationship, as long as you and your partner respect each other, have open communication and trust, you can experience a happy, healthy relationship. When two extroverts date, there will be a high level of energy between the two, and can create a powerful duo.

Because extroverts are prone to attend every social gathering or event, if your partner is the same, you may neglect quality time spent with your significant other. It’s important to have a balance, and ensure you make time not only for your friends, but for your partner too.

A relationship will flourish, regardless of whether your partner is an introvert or extrovert. So long as you put in the effort to understand them!


Are extroverts insecure?

This is not always the case, however, some extroverts rely on positive responses from others in order to make them feel better, which is why they need to surround themselves around people. This could be down to a lack of self-esteem.

Should introverts date extroverts?

There’s no rule as to who you should and shouldn’t date. This will come down to how your partner treats you, and if they respect your differences.


An introvert and can extrovert can date. If you’re one or the other, and your potential love interest is the opposite, as long as you both take the time to understand each other’s differences, and not go against boundaries, there’s no reason why your relationship won’t work.

Just like any relationship, communication is vital. The only difference with the dynamic of an introvert and extrovert is that if you stop being open with one another, misunderstandings can occur, and ultimately, effect how each person feels.

Don’t let this difference prevent you from pursuing your next relationship. Opposites do attract, and can bring out the very best in you!

(Quiz Question; are introverts or extroverts more prone to thrill seeking activities?). Send us your answer through the box down below.

Can An Introvert Date An Extrovert: Do Opposites Attract

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