Is It Too Soon To Propose After 6 Months: Should You Wait Longer?

Is it too soon to propose after 6 months

There’s no set time frame that couples need to adhere to before they can get engaged. As long as you know everything about your significant other, nothing can stop you from popping the question. However, is it too soon to propose after 6 months?

Of course, six months for one relationship will look very different to another. Before you propose, there are certain aspects of your relationship that you should consider. For one, how well do you communicate, and secondly, do you both have the same expectations?

In this article, we’ll expand on whether or not it is too soon to propose after 6 months. We’ll look into what you should look out for before you pop the question as well as the risks involved in proposing too late.

Is it too soon to propose after 6 months?

Is it too soon to propose after 6 months
Is it too soon to propose after 6 months?

It’s not too soon to propose after 6 months. With that being said, experts estimate that it takes roughly three to six months for an individual to know if they have true feelings for the person they’re seeing, or if the attraction is based purely on lust. Lust; a strong physical desire can last for anything between six months to two years. 

This is known as the first ‘phase’ of love for a person, however, it’s not a given that this form of attraction will progress into a romantic relationship.

Before you commit to getting married, you should get to know your significant other through the good and bad times. This will allow you to find out if they are someone with whom you can live your life with.

Can you deal with problems together, communicate openly, and be compatible enough to live together? These are all factors that will ultimately determine whether or not you’ll be suited for a long-lasting relationship.

It has been advised that a person’s habits will come to light within four months of a relationship, but will take a minimum of nine months to get to know someone.

Each couple will have their own timeline for when they’re ready to progress in their relationship. If you and your partner feel ready to tie the knot, don’t let anybody else’s opinion affect your decision. There’s no rush to walk down the aisle once you have a ring on your finger!

What should you look out for before proposing?

Is it too soon to propose after 6 months
Is it too soon to propose after 6 months?

Before you decide you want to propose, you want to make sure it’s not just infatuation you feel for your partner, and vice versa. Similar to lust, infatuation is a temporary emotional feeling of passion for someone. This is normally short lived, however, it can last for up to three years. 

To understand whether or not you’re in love with your partner, or simply infatuated, you’ll need to analyze how you feel, and act towards your significant other.

If you love your boyfriend/girlfriend, you’ll have a deep understanding for that person. You accept not only their strengths, but also their weaknesses.

Before you consider popping the question within six months of your relationship, make sure you’re past the honeymoon phase.

Here are a few important factors you should look out for before you propose;

1. Do you communicate effectively?

Not only should you be able to be open and honest when you communicate, you and your partner need to be able to talk to one another with respect in conflict.

This is more important than the time frame of your relationship. Whether you’ve been together for six months, or two years, if you can’t speak to each other in moments of disagreements, you might want to hold off your proposal.

(Did you know; the average length that couples will stay engaged for is roughly 14.7 months).

2. Have you experienced your partner during bad times?

Before you proceed with your marriage, you want to have been with your partner through different circumstances. Most importantly, life challenges.

You want to be able to see if you can deal with problems together. Do you know your significant others background? If someone has had a difficult upbringing, this can sometimes determine how they will react in times of distress.

3. You’re on the same page with what your expectations are

Do you both want to have children? Are you hoping to move to a different country? These are the type of questions you need to know the answer to before you propose, otherwise misunderstandings can occur.

It is too soon to propose after six months if you don’t know what you partners expectations are. This will include money matters, kids and place of residence.

Is it possible to wait too long to propose?

Is it too soon to propose after 6 months
Is it too soon to propose after 6 months?

There’s no exact time frame that you can consider as waiting too long to propose. This is because every couple will have their own unique relationship. Some partners will move in together after a couple of months, while others may wait two years. Whatever your timeline is, there can come a time where your partner may be waiting for you to propose.

If you don’t pop the question, whether it’s because you’re not ready yourself, or you’re just unsure about marriage, there are a few risks that will come for your relationship if you wait too long to propose. These include;

1. A break up

Around ten percent of women confirmed they would break up with their boyfriend if he took too long to propose.

If you’ve been with your significant other for a long time, and you know you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you might want to consider a proposal.

Of course, this will depend on what both your views are on marriage. You should discuss this in the early stages of your relationship, so you know where each of you stand.

2. Emotional stress

If your partner wants you to propose, they could start dropping hints, or give you ultimatums. If you’re not quite ready to propose, this can create pressure for yourself, and stress on the relationship.

3. Your partner starts to question the relationship

If you’re taking ages to propose, your significant other might start to question your relationship, and if there’s something wrong with it, or them.

It might make them feel like you don’t value them, and start to feel resentful towards yourself.

4. They might decline your proposal

Your partner might end up saying no when you do finally propose. If they’ve been waiting for you to pop the question for an extended amount of time, they might feel like you’re only doing it because they’ve hinted at it.

How do you know if you’re ready to be engaged?

Man proposing
Is it too soon to propose after 6 months?

If you know the traits of your partner that you don’t like, but you don’t have a problem dealing with their imperfections, this is a positive sign that you could be ready to be engaged. If you’re unable to name at least three things you don’t like about your significant other, you’re probably still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, and not quite ready to propose.

Other signs that will confirm you’re ready to propose whether it’s six months or three years are;

  • They bring out the best in you
  • You know you’re compatible with dealbreakers in the relationship
  • Both of you want to get married
  • You appreciate one another
  • Communication and trust is not flawed

There’s no set time frame for couples to establish these important factors in their relationship. The more time you spend with someone, the quicker you’ll get to know them.


Is 6 months too soon to talk about marriage?

6 Months is not too soon to talk about marriage if you feel like you’re both ready for your relationship to progress. We do recommend you first move in together to properly get to know one another.

How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you?

Every relationship will have a different timeline, however, a guy should know by seven months into a relationship whether or not his partner is marriage material.

Should you live together before marriage?

Couples who live together will have a better chance for a successful marriage than those who do not cohabit.


It is not too soon to propose after 6 months of dating, provided that you know the ins and outs of your partner. Have you seen them at their worst?

The time frame of your relationship is not as important as how well you and your significant other can communicate, trust and respect one another. If you frequently spend your time together, getting to know your boyfriend/girlfriend will escalate, so six months may just be all the time you need to pop the question!

As long as you’re both ready for marriage, and ready to spend the rest of your life together, there’s no reason why you won’t have a successful marriage, no matter how long you’ve been in your relationship.

(Quiz Question; on average, how long do couples stay engaged for?). Submit your answer with the comments box down below.

Is It Too Soon To Propose After 6 Months: Should You Wait Longer?

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