Here’s When To Delete A Dating App After Meeting Someone

When to delete dating app after meeting someone

Knowing when to delete a dating app after meeting someone will depend on a few different factors. First and foremost, are you and your date exclusive with each other?

It’s never great to assume exclusivity in a relationship. Depending on how long you’ve been seeing your significant other, you may want to establish if your relationship is casual or not before you decide to remove yourself from your dating apps.

Online dating is there to be used to meet multiple different people in the hope of finding your true match. In the early stages of dating, it’s only natural to stay up to date on your online profile. Only when you’ve been seeing someone for a couple of months should be concerned if they’re still swiping right.

In this article we’ll delve into when you should delete your dating app after meeting someone, and what signs you should look out for to help you decide whether or not it’s a good idea to do so.

How long should you wait to delete your dating profile?

When to delete dating app after meeting someone
When to delete a dating app after meeting someone

You should wait until you’re in an exclusive relationship before you delete your dating profile. You might feel that you no longer want to go on your Tinder or Bumble app after you’ve been on a successful date, however, erasing your profile too soon could lead to disappointment.

On average, it takes around three months of dating somebody to decide whether or not you want to enter into an exclusive relationship with them. At this point, couples will generally decide if it’s time to be monogamous or not.

This will, however, change depending on who you’re dating. Seventy percent of people consider being on a dating app as a form of cheating.

With this in mind, you might want to have a conversation with your significant other about where you stand with them and online dating profiles.

Other points to consider before you delete your dating app after meeting someone include;

1. You’re not planning to see anybody else

Most of the time, a relationship that starts from a swipe right will progress naturally. Before you know it, both of you may realise you’re not actively pursuing other individuals from your dating app.

When this occurs, it’ll probably be the right time for you to delete your dating app.

2. You’ve had the exclusivity conversation

This one goes without saying. If you and your partner have talked about becoming monogamous, delete your dating profile with immediate effect!

Once you’ve agreed to commit to each other, keeping your online dating account active would classify as a red flag.

Communication is extremely important in this regard. Until your relationship gets discussed, it can only be assumed that you and your date have a ‘casual’ relationship, with no expectations.

Before you bring up the dating app question, most of the time a person will have an instinct on whether or not you see the relationship becoming serious or not. Trust your gut, and keep hold of your active profile if things don’t feel right.

Why is he still on dating apps if he likes me?

When to delete dating app after meeting someone
When to delete a dating app after meeting someone

If he’s still on dating apps even though he likes you, it may be because he still wants to see what his options are. As disappointing as this may be, he might just not be that into you. If someone is not ready to commit to a monogamous relationship, they won’t want to remove their profile from dating sites. 

When you go on a first date with a guy with whom you’ve met online, chances are he’s dating multiple ladies before he decides he wants to commit.

It could be that you both have different views on what your relationship is. Have you perhaps assumed you’re exclusive, while he still thinks you’re dating casually?

In this instance, communication is extremely important. If you feel unsure about where your relationship is going, it would be best to chat to him about it. He might turn around and say he completely forgot to remove his account, or, confirm that he’s not looking for anything serious.

Whatever his reason may be for still being active on online dating apps, if you’re unhappy about the situation, you should let him know.

Depending on his response, understand what it is that you want, and act accordingly. Respect yourself enough to walk away from the relationship if it’s not making you feel good.

It’s important to look at his actions as a collective. If he keeps cancelling your dates, this could be a warning sign that he’s still meeting up with women he’s matching with online, and stringing you along.

When should you take a conversation off the dating app?

When to delete dating app after meeting someone
When to delete a dating app after meeting someone

Before you take your conversation off the dating app, and onto text or social media, you first need to establish if there’s a connection between you and your match. Of course, your match is based on the person’s pictures and bio, but if you can’t have a conversation with them, there won’t be any need to take your interaction off of the site. 

During the initial stages of talking, you should find out any dealbreakers you might have. This will save both of your time, and avoid any awkward first dates.

Other factors you should consider before deciding to take your interaction off the dating app are;

1. Does the conversation progress?

We’ve all been there. We match with someone on Tinder, have a few lines of conversation, and it slowly becomes stale.

(Did you know; 50% of Britons have not asked someone out on a date in person).

Unfortunately, there are people on dating apps who have no intention of meeting up in person. If you find your convo never progresses, there’s no need to move it off of the app.

2. They take ages to reply

We’re also busy, and don’t necessarily check our dating apps every day, but if your match takes ages to reply, they’re probably not that interested.

This could also be a sign that they’re not ready to go on dates.

3. You’ve been chatting online for a while

If you’ve been chatting for around a month, this could be a red flag that your match has no intention to take things further with you.

An online dater who is keen to meet you will bring up the possibility of going on a date within the first couple of weeks.

If the conversation flows, and you feel like you can connect with the person, you should move the conversation off of the dating app. This will be beneficial when you plan your date, so you’ll be able to reach one another before you meet.

Why do guys match and not message?

Woman waiting for a message
When to delete a dating app after meeting someone

Men and women who match on an online dating app and then don’t message will probably not know what to say. This can occur if your profile doesn’t contain a bio that can be used as an opener for other users to have a ‘reason’ to send the first message. Otherwise, they may be waiting to see if you’re going to send the first text.

Other possible reasons why they’ve matched with you and not sent a message include;

1. It was a mistake

It happens to the best of us. If he/she has accidentally swiped right on your profile without realising it, and they might not even notice until the notification comes through on their phone.

2. He found a quick hook up

He may have been looking for a quick hook up, and you matched with him too late. Especially on Tinder, the app has been known for people to get together for a fleeting moment.

Whatever the reason may be, it won’t do you any harm to initiate the conversation if you want to spark a conversation.

If you decide to do so, try and avoid the usual conversation starters. You want to be interesting and spark their interest.


How soon is too soon to re-download dating apps?

There’s no exact time frame for how long you should wait before you get back on a dating app. It can, however, depend on how long you were with your former partner. For instance, a relationship that lasted less than 6 months can warrant a two-week gap before getting back online.

Do dating app relationships last?

Relationships that have started on a dating app can last. It has been estimated that 33 percent of men, and 44 percent of women are looking for something long term on an online dating app. Thirteen percent of individuals on a dating app have gotten engaged or married from meeting online.


Knowing when to delete a dating app after meeting someone can sometimes be difficult to decipher. You need to take into account a few factors such as how long you’ve been seeing each other, how much effort they put in, and most importantly, what your intuition tells you.

Online dating apps such as Tinder have a range of individuals wanting different things. This ranges from a long term relationship to a one night hook up. With this in mind, you need to be able to screen who you match with, and move on from anyone who does not fall in line with what you’re looking for.

Sometimes, you may need to bring up the dating profile question in conversation. This will help you determine where you stand in your relationship. Keep in mind to not assume any exclusivity until you’ve had ‘the chat’.

(Quiz Question; what percentage of Britons have not asked a person out on a date in person?). Send us your answer down below.

Here’s When To Delete A Dating App After Meeting Someone

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