Is It Okay To Date Multiple Ladies: Exclusivity Explained

Is it okay to date multiple ladies

In the world of dating, people are actively meeting other individuals to find someone they have a deep connection with. We need to take the time to get to know them, but is it okay to date multiple ladies during this process?

Some people cannot bring themselves to date more than one person at a time, whereas others believe it’s necessary to go on multiple dates to be able to meet that special someone. Whatever your preference is, either one is acceptable. There are, however, certain dating ethics that you should keep in mind when it comes to dating more than one person at a time.

In this article, we’ll delve into whether or not it is okay to date multiple ladies, and what you should be conscious of when you’re spending time with more than one person. We’ll also fill you in on when is the right time to tell a woman you’re not only dating her, so you can keep dating with integrity.

Is it okay to date multiple ladies?

Is it okay to date multiple ladies
Is it okay to date multiple ladies?

It is okay to date multiple ladies at the same time. Seeing more than one woman when you’re dating is now expected. The point of going on dates is to see how well you gel with the person, and if there’s enough chemistry for a potential relationship in the long run. However, there is dating etiquette that you should adhere to.

On a first date, there’s no pressure to delve into what your social life consists of. It’s simply ‘testing the waters’ to see whether or not or want to get to know her better and spend more time with each other.

To find that perfect partner we all seek, you should go on frequent dates. If we put logic into it, how will you find the person that suits you best, if you limit yourself to one date?

You’ll feel compelled to go on more than one date to be able to suss out if they’re for you. When they’re not, you’ll need to start the whole process again.

Before you enter the dating playground, you need to be aware of what it is you’re looking for. This will help you notice within the first or second date if you want to progress further with her. This will also prevent anyone from being led on.

When do you tell her you’re dating multiple ladies?

Is it okay to date multiple ladies
Is it okay to date multiple ladies?

You should tell her you’re dating multiple ladies before any physical intimacy occurs between you and the girl. If you begin to notice that you see a girl more often than not while you’re dating other women, you’ll need to be open and honest with her before things progress any further. 

If you spend more time with one lady you’re dating, this is a clear indication that you like her, and there’s chemistry. Although you may not want things to become awkward, you should tell her you’re seeing other people.

She’ll respect you more for telling her before you jump into bed with her. Physical intimacy will make her feel more attached to you, so if you’re still not sure about her, or you don’t see her in your future, refrain from moving to the next step.

Once you let her know you’re dating multiple ladies, it’ll bring to light that you’re not ready to get into anything serious with anyone too soon. From here, she’ll be able to make her own decision on whether or not she wants to still pursue you.

If you want to keep dating multiple women, you should stay away from ‘exclusivity dates’ with the ladies you’re seeing.

(Did you know; 40% of guys don’t feel confident going on a first date).

This includes spending the night together, meeting each other’s friends and being together for an extended amount of time. Once this begins, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to become a couple, or, let her know that you’re still dating other people.

Communication is key when it comes to dating. As long as you’re honest about what it is you’re looking for, and not act on false pretences, you shouldn’t have any problem dating until you feel you’re ready to go exclusive.

How to date two ladies at the same time

Is it okay to date multiple ladies
Is it okay to date multiple ladies?

If you want to date multiple ladies, there are a few ground rules that you should stick to. As long as you date with integrity, you won’t give anyone false expectations. Women like men who are honest and genuine. As long as you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, and you’re up front, you won’t be doing anything malicious.

Some of the dating rules you should try and keep to include;

1. Don’t overshare

You want to be honest, but you don’t want to overshare. She doesn’t need to know what you’re getting up to with the other women you’re going on dates with.

2. Be present

When you’re on a date, you need to be present and attentive. You’re meeting up with a girl because you want to get to know her better. If you’re thinking about someone else, this could be a sign that your current date may not be the one for you.

3. Stay casual

Don’t do ‘coupley’ dates when you’re seeing multiple ladies at the same time. Women tend to get more attached when physical intimacy is involved.

Until you know you want to progress further into a relationship, keep your dates casual.

4. Let her know where she stands

Make sure you let her know that you’re dating other women. This will prevent any misunderstandings between the two of you, and give her false hope.

If you’re dating multiple ladies, you need to be okay with the girls you’re seeing other people to. Before you have the ‘exclusivity’ chat, it’s only fair to expect you’re not the only guy she’s dating.

5. Practice safe sex, always!

It is essential that you protect yourself and anyone that your are physically intimate with, you should insist on the use of condoms and not move forward in a physical manner unless the person you are dating understands that you are dating multiple women and is one hundred percent comfortable and happy, this way it allows the lady you are seeing to make a informed decision wether she wishes to get physical with you.

How long should you date before becoming exclusive?

Couple in the park
Is it okay to date multiple ladies?

There’s no exact time frame, however, on average, one to three months of dating is said to be an adequate amount of time for couples to get to know each other enough, to be able to decide whether or not they want to become exclusive. If two people go on one date a week, this will be around ten to twelve dates before a monogamous relationship begins.

This will change depending on how well you connect with the girl you’re seeing. You might find yourself thinking about an exclusive relationship after six weeks of dating, or, you might feel you’re not ready to settle down at all.

When dating, the most important thing is that you and your partner are on the same page about where you stand with each other.

Some people don’t like labels. As long as you’re open about this with the girl/guy you’re seeing, it’s okay too.


When should you not date multiple ladies?

If you’re already in a relationship, you should not date anyone else. Seeing more than one girl/guy is okay when you’re single and in the dating, world to meet your match.

When should you stop dating multiple people?

You should stop dating multiple people when things start to become more serious with someone you’re seeing. This has been estimated to be around six dates with someone.


It’s perfectly normal to date multiple ladies when you’re single, and looking to meet your match. You don’t need to feel pressure to have the exclusive conversation if you’ve been on less than three dates.

During these first interactions, you’ll be getting to know her, and seeing if you have a connection with them.

Stay honest. If she asks you whether or not you’re seeing other people, be open about it without oversharing details.

Dating is different for everyone. Some guys will become exclusive after a couple months, while others may only need a few dates to know they want to be in monogamous relationship.

As long as you feel like you’ve gotten to know your partner, there’s no time stamp on how long you need to date for. Enjoy the process of finding love!

(Quiz Question; what percentage of men don’t feel confident meeting a woman for the first time?). Send us your answer through the comments box below.

Is It Okay To Date Multiple Ladies: Exclusivity Explained

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