Why Does She Text Me And Then Not Respond: The Real Reason

Why does she text me and then not respond

Why does she text you and then not respond?

There are multiple different reasons why she’s taking ages to reply to your message. If you’ve only recently started seeing a girl, she could be playing hard to get, or, she has other priorities.

While it’s never nice to feel as though you’re being ignored, it’s important to not overcompensate for her lack of intent. If you come across as though you are needy, waiting around to hear from her, it will cause her to distance herself even more.

With this article, we will delve into why does she text you and then not respond. We will also advise you on what you should do when you experience this, and whether or not she’s trying to test you through text.

Why does she text me and then not respond?

Why does she text me and then not respond
A guy waiting for a response

Are you in the current dating stage of seeing a girl? If she texts you but then takes ages to reply, she could be testing you. She may want to see how often you’ll message her, or if you will make a further effort to get hold of her. A woman will test a guy to determine how invested they are.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it could mean that she’s really into you, but not sure if your feelings are mutual.

Other reasons why she’ll send you a message and then take ages to reply include;

1. She doesn’t feel the same towards you

A woman’s emotions and feelings are constantly changing. If you have only been casually seeing each other with no form of commitment, someone else may have sparked her interest.

If she doesn’t feel the same for you as she did before, she could be trying to avoid hurting your feelings by acting distant.

2. She’s keeping you as an option

She could be actively seeing other people to gauge who she’s most attracted to, on a physical and emotional level.

If she texts you and then doesn’t respond after you have replied, she could just be making sure that you’re still an option for her.

3. You’re not a priority

Let’s face it, if you were a priority for someone, they would make an effort to reply to your text. Even if it was a couple of hours later because they were busy, they would not leave you hanging.

Her attention could be elsewhere, whether it’s a different guy, her career, or personal reasons.

4. She’s playing hard to get

When a girl (or guy) plays hard to get, it increases the attraction you feel for them. This is because it initiates a feeling of uncertainty.

It’s human nature to want something that is not so easily attainable. If she’s playing hard to get with you, you’ll see her as a challenge, and make more of an effort to win her attention.

What should I do if she texts me and then does not respond?

What does it mean if she texts me and then doesn’t respond?

If a girl initiates text and then doesn’t reply, you should refrain from overcompensating. You won’t stop her from taking ages to reply if you send multiple messages at a time to try and get a response from her. Instead, you should match the energy she gives you. If she takes 24 hours to reply, then you can do the same.

When it starts to become a couple of days between the exchange of texts, this could be a sign that the attraction you feel towards each other is dying out.

If she’s taking ages to reply to you, she could be playing games with you, and see you as just another guy she can interact with when she’s looking for some form of validation.

In this case, stay away from fulfilling her needs, as she may start to see you as nothing more than someone she can occasionally text when she wants attention.

If the girl you’re seeing likes you, she could be testing you. In this instance, rather meet up for a date where you can have a face to face interaction.

This will also allow you to gauge what the romantic connection is like between the two of you, and if she shows genuine interest in you.

Should you keep texting if she doesn’t respond?

Why does she text me and then not respond
Why does she text me and then not respond?

You should not keep texting her if she has not yet responded to your previous text. If you send multiple messages, this will only cause her to distance herself further away from you. A girl won’t want to engage with a guy that comes across as needy or too keen. It’s one of the main causes for a person to lose attraction.

A woman would rather have a feeling of longing for a guy to message her than to constantly receive texts. This is because a girl desires a guy that is more of a mental challenge, than one that is not.

(Did you know; the first text message that was sent and delivered to a mobile was ‘Merry Christmas’).

If you have a higher investment for the girl you’re seeing (or potentially going to date), she will see you with lesser value than herself.

Try and stick to the general rule of matching the energy you receive from a girl, or giving a little less.

How do you tell if a girl is testing you through text?

Confused guy looking at phone
Why does she text me and then not respond?

You can tell a girl is testing you through text if she takes a while to reply to your message. A woman will test a guy as a way to see if he’s going to be worth her time, or if he’ll display enough interest for her to feel confident to pursue him. She could, however, be busy with something, so try and refrain from double texting until you’ve given it enough time.

Anything longer than twenty-four hours can be seen as a sign that she may not be that interested in you, or she’s focused on someone or something else.

Other sure signs that will confirm if a girl is testing you over text include;

  • She doesn’t message you first
  • You occasionally receive short, blunt responses
  • She brings up her ex

It’s important to notice if a girl is consistently off with you over text. She could just not be interested in you as much as you’d like her to be. Trust your gut, and hold back from giving her all your attention if you feel like the feelings aren’t mutual.


How do you tell if she’s into you over text?

If a girl is into you, she will reply to your texts within an hour. Starting the conversation and sending more than one message can be positive signs that she likes you. If she makes an effort to keep the conversation going, this can show that she doesn’t want to stop talking to you.

How do you know if a girl is playing mind games?

Do you constantly feel unsure of where you stand with her? Do you question yourself a lot more than what you did before you were engaging with her? If you’re always the one making the effort with them and they frequently cancel plans to meet up, she could be playing games with her. Take note if her texts are consistently changing from hot and cold.

How do you tell if a girl likes you over text but is hiding it?

If you’ve recently started dating a girl, she won’t want to express all her feelings until she knows they’ll be reciprocated. A girl will, however, flirt over text and keep the conversation going. Rather plan to go on a date so you can check out her body language, and how the connection feels when you’re together.


If you keep wondering why does she text you and then not respond, this could be a sign that she’s no longer interested in you.

Match the energy you receive from her. If she’s taking a day to get back to you, take the same amount of time. She could be testing you and trying to see how much effort you’ll put in to talk to her.

Although there’s nothing wrong with this, you don’t want to be strung along if she’s talking to multiple other guys, and keeping you as an option.

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Why Does She Text Me And Then Not Respond: The Real Reason

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