My Girlfriend Wants To Start An Onlyfans: A Red Flag?

My girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans

If your girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans, is this a Red flag for your relationship, or a mere change in your girl’s livelihood?

Creating an Onlyfans account can be seen as an alternative way to secure extra money. If this is the sole reason why your partner wants to start Onlyfans, it could come from a genuine place.

On the other end, a woman who wants to use the platform for her self-esteem and increase the validation she receives from others could have an unhealthy relationship with her own self.

In this article we will expand on what the possible reasons are for why your girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans account, and what you can do about it.

Why would my girlfriend want to start an Onlyfans?

My girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans
My girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans

Your girlfriend may want to start an Onlyfans account if she’s looking to receive external validation from other guys. When someone craves acceptance, it can stem from having low self-esteem. Constant attention and praise from individuals will help them feel better about themselves and improve their confidence.

An Onlyfans account is a perfect platform for someone to use if they crave appraisal from uploading a picture. There’s a desire to be appreciated and recognized from posted content.

This, however, is unstable. Because a person relies on this constant validation to feel good about themselves, if they don’t receive this praise, it will affect their mood and how they feel about themselves.

People who need constant validation may have a personality disorder in more serious cases. An example of this is BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). Someone with BPD will have an irrational way of thinking, behaving and acting towards others.

An individual with this personality disorder will be extremely self-obsessed and addicted to improving their self-image.

We are in no way insinuating that your partner has a borderline personality disorder, we are simply advising that this is a potential cause for why your girlfriend may want to start an Onlyfans profile.

There are, however, other reasons why your girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans;

1. She needs the money

An Onlyfans account done right has the potential to earn a lot of money. Once people recognize a profile, users can subscribe to its content every month, or pay via Paypal to see uploads.

If your girlfriend is struggling with money, she may see Onlyfans as a way to earn extra cash in the comfort of her own home.

2. She doesn’t respect your feelings

Have you told your girlfriend you don’t feel comfortable with her starting an Onlyfans account?

Has she disregarded how you feel about it and said something along the lines of; ‘It’s just an online profile, it does not mean anything?’

If you’re in a monogamous relationship, you have both made a pact to not be sexual with other people. Just because Onlyfans is online, it does not mean it’s deemed as staying faithful.

This outlook, however, will change depending on a person’s personal views.

3. She’s already a content creator

If your girlfriend is already a content creator online, she may want to use Onlyfans as an additional platform to post her content and increase her follower base.

Onlyfans is not only used to share intimate photos but also for fitness, cooking and celebrity content. Your girlfriend may want to branch out by mixing up what type of media she posts.

What should I do if my girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans?

My girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans
My girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans

You first need to understand why your girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans account. If she doesn’t have a valid reason to create content on this platform, she could just be looking for external validation and attention from other people to fuel low self-esteem.In this case, if she does not take into consideration how you feel about the matter, this may be a warning sign that she does not respect you. 

If your girlfriend is thinking about starting an Onlyfans profile, she should discuss it with you before she goes ahead with registering and uploading content.

Depending on her reasons behind why she wants to start an Onlyfans account, it could cross one of your boundaries, and be a detriment to your relationship.

(Did you know; Onlyfans has paid out more than two billion dollars to content creators on the platform).

It’s important to speak to your girlfriend about how you feel about this. She might explain to you that she wants to start Onlyfans as a temporary way to earn money, and she does not plan to post sexual content.

If your girlfriend does not try and understand where you’re coming from, and take into account how you might feel about the situation, you may need to re-evaluate your relationship.

Can you have a relationship with someone who has Onlyfans?

My girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans
My girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans

If someone is on Onlyfans for the right reasons you can have a relationship with them. Is this their only source of income, or do they stay away from posting provocative content? Before you get into a romantic partnership with someone, they should let you know that they are on Onlyfans.

A healthy relationship won’t be possible if you’re insecure about your girlfriend’s line of work. You may have met her once she’s had this occupation for a couple of years. In this case, you would either have to accept her livelihood, or walk away if you know you would be unable to deal with it.

You cannot control the person you’re dating. You can only control how you react and feel about the circumstances.

If you’re not okay with the public seeing your girlfriend on Onlyfans, you will need to make a decision for yourself on whether or not you will support your girlfriend, or leave the relationship to protect yourself and your boundaries.

A more serious case to consider is if your girlfriend is on Onlyfans because she’s seeking constant attention and validation from people. Would you be okay with your girlfriend flirting with other guys to fulfill her low self-esteem?

If she goes against your concerns, this can be a clear indicator that your girlfriend has a lack of empathy towards you and your feelings.

Will my relationship work if my girlfriend is on Onlyfans?

A relationship is unable to progress if there isn’t mutual respect and value for each individual. Before you get into a relationship with someone who is already on Onlyfans, first understand why they have a profile. Find out what it does for them before you make your own decision.

If you’re already in a relationship and your girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans, you need to have a conversation about it, and reiterate how it will make you feel. It might come to light that there are underlying issues in your relationship that have not yet been addressed.

How will I know my girlfriend has an Onlyfans account?

Woman filming herself
My girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans

You can ask your girlfriend if she has an Onlyfans account. When you bring this question up to her, it’s important to not come across as accusatory. If you’ve had a recent discussion with your significant other wanting to create an Onlyfans, you should be able to trust her response. 

If you are doubtful, you can easily search for her name on the platform to see if her profile appears.

This, however, is an unhealthy sign in a relationship if you do not trust what your girlfriend tells you. You might want to have some space on your own to think about your relationship, and how you feel in it.

Do you feel insecure, and doubt your girlfriends actions? If your girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans even after you’ve said no, you should focus on what you want in a relationship.


Can you be anonymous on OnlyFans?

You can stay anonymous on Onlyfans. A different username, and no pictures that contain your face are two ways in which you can keep your identity hidden. A factor such as tattoos can, however, make it more difficult.

How much do girls make on OnlyFans?

The amount girls earn on Onlyfans will vary depending on how popular their profile is. A standard account can receive an average of £115 a week. Whereas one of the most popular content creators, Jem Wolfie earns an estimate of 700k a month.


If your girlfriend wants to start an Onlyfans, it’s important that this gets discussed between the two of you. This type of decision will not only effect you as well, but your whole relationship dynamic.

If you’re okay with other individuals having access to provocative pictures of your girlfriend, you’ll be able to support her, and who knows, even help with her content.

More often than not, however, it will cause conflict in a relationship, and go against a persons boundaries.

Speak to your girlfriend about how this makes you feel, and bring up your concerns. If you can come to a compromise, you should be able to move forward in your relationship, without Onlyfans being the cause for you two to part ways.

(Quiz Question; how much has Onlyfans paid out to creators?). Drop your answer in the comments box below.

My Girlfriend Wants To Start An Onlyfans: A Red Flag?

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